Hoarders: Running Edition {SPIbelt Review & Giveaway!}

A few months ago I wrote a post about my favorite running gear; the stuff I don’t often leave home without. In that post I made a mention of a waistpack that I wore because I could easily stash the multitude of crap that always I end up having to carry to races with me since 99% of the time I go to races alone and 99% of the time I don’t have any pockets, especially in the summertime. I’m kind of a hoarder when I run. ID. Money. iPhone. iPod. Lip balm. House key. Ridiculously enormous car key. Not to mention my GU. I’ve tried to run with my phone and GU in my sports bra before. Let’s just say it didn’t work out.

Now don’t get me wrong. My old waistpack is great quality and it did the job for a long time, but I encountered some issues with it. For one thing, I am not very hippy and I found myself constantly pulling at it because it would slide all around, especially when I had a metric ton of stuff stowed in it. Another issue was that the belt wasn’t continuous and had tail ends that would flap in the breeze as I ran. Because I’m pretty small, these ends were long due to how I had to adjust the belt. All attempts I ever made at looping them around to get them to stay put failed. Looking back on it now it was SO ANNOYING, but at the time I didn’t know any better.

However, through reading and research, I recently discovered a new belt that I am sure many of you have heard of already. It’s called the SPIbelt and it sounded like the perfect thing for me. SPI stands for “small personal items” and man do I have a lot of those to go around.

The SPIbelt was developed by a runner and no one knows what runners need better than other runners. Since its inception, this product has gained notoriety on such big names as CNN and The Today Show and from what I’ve read in blogs and on review websites, it’s LEGIT. It fits comfortably on waists of all sizes, doesn’t get in the way while you run, doesn’t bounce around, and most importantly could hold the multitude of things that I carry with me.

I had to review one of these for my blog.


Here I am sporting my fabulously lime green SPIbelt. It goes amazingly with my leopard print pants.

See how small it is? Don’t let the size fool you…check this out:

That’s not even half of the stuff I can fit in there. I would show you how easily my iPhone fits in there too – even with the protective case on – but I needed it to take the picture. SPIbelt boasts that you can fit even the largest of phones and I believe it. It can certainly fit the largest of car keys. I can even stash my fantastic new sunglasses I bought while on vacation.


Then you zip it up and you’re ready to go.

With the SPIbelt, my previous waistpack troubles are in the past. It is so comfortable and light to wear and stays put on my nearly-nonexistent hips. I barely notice it at all when I’m running even when it’s packed full of stuff and I’ve gone on a 15 mile run with this thing. Also because the belt is a continuous loop…NO TAILS FLAPPING IN THE BREEZE! I didn’t fully realize how obnoxious that was until it wasn’t happening anymore. Another great thing about this belt is how easy it is to reach in and take stuff out of it while you’re on the move. Unzipping to grab your fuel is a breeze.

SPIbelt has other awesome products in their line as well. Specialty belts with loops for a water bottle, gels, clips for race numbers, The SPIband – which can be worn on the wrist or ankle –  messenger bags – which I think will be a future purchase for my iPad – belts for kids – which I think will be a future purchase for Betty! I’m a runner, but I imagine these belts would be great for cycling, hiking, and all kinds of other outdoor activities as well! Heck I wore it to the playground the other day.

Sounds pretty awesome right? Well guess what.

This one can be yours. Don’t be scared of the pink, men. It would look great on you.

This is a large pocket SPIbelt. It is slightly larger than my green one. Here’s the size comparison between the two:


This means you can carry more stuff! Now here are some details on what you have to do to win it…

Mandatory! Please visit the SPIbelt website and comment below on which color is your fave! You can also comment on what you like to carry with you when you run. Maybe it will make me feel a little less like a hoarder.

Then there are other ways to enter as well, such as:

As you can see, the possibilities are nearly endless. Here’s a link to Rafflecopter where you can do all of these things:

Salt’s SPIbelt Giveaway!

This giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday, February 25th and the winner will be announced later on in the day! Good luck to all of you that enter!

~ Salt

All opinions about the SPIbelt expressed in this blog post are my own. I was provided with an SPIbelt, but this in no way influenced the outcome of my review. My experience has been stellar and I hope yours is too!

60 thoughts on “Hoarders: Running Edition {SPIbelt Review & Giveaway!}

  1. Sarah says:

    I love the pink one, I have seen these before at expos but they just don’t look like they’re big enough to hold my stuff!! I’ll take your word for it though and try one out…..

  2. Ashton Montgomery says:

    I love the gold foil belt! I love how these are a little splash of color and the gold would be so cute. Things I like to have in my run: house keys, Chapstick, tissue, iPhone, bloks, and that might be it.

  3. ashtonmontgomery says:

    I love the gold foil, such a fun pop of color!
    ThingsI take on a run; iPhone, tissue, bloks, house key, and Chapstick are my necessities. The longer the run the more I might bring.

  4. Abbi says:

    My fave is the pink one but the black would be pretty great too! I have seen these at expos and by the time I pay my race fee, get myself there, buy scoooby snacks for my long run, I’m out of extra $$ for SPIbelt.

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