Do the Safety Dance! {Road ID Giveaway!}

On Monday I made a mention of a great giveaway that I have in store for you guys this week. Ironically enough, that announcement came at the end of a post where I had found myself in a little bit of danger. It was one of those situations where I was happy to be wearing one of my favorite pieces of jewelry just in case my mortal enemy had ended up being a crazy lady instead of an inattentive driver or a escaped, rabid poodle.

This giveaway is for the most part fun, but also a little bit serious because it’s something I feel very strongly about.

road id

I’ll tell you something you {probably} already know: Safety when you are out for a run, walk, ride, swim, hike, snowshoe, or ice skate – as the case was for me this morning as I was trying to get down my front steps – should always be at the forefront of our minds. Carrying some kind of identification just makes good sense. My RoadID is one of the first things I purchased when I knew the running bug had really bit me and I haven’t left home without it since.


Here’s mine:

IMG_7271Purple, natch. With contact deets for my mom and husband, info about my penicillin allergy just in case they want to give me some and I’m too incapacitated to tell them that it’s a very bad idea, and there’s even a line for whatever mantra you want inscribed. Mine obviously involves wine.

I went with one of the sport wristbands and really love the durable material it is made from, but RoadID has a lot of other options: more wristbands, ankle bands, shoe pouches, tags you can wear around your neck, and they even have collar IDs for your furriest best friend. And it doesn’t just end with identification. They also have a great line of high visibility gear, fun accessories such as badges like the little “BE MINE” ones shown above that you can buy to add on to your wristband, and apparel.

I am kind of a tech nerd and recently they have also launched a smartphone app that can send out a message notifying a pre-set list of family and friends that you are going out for an activity, the length of time you will be gone, the ability to track where you are, and even a stationary alert if you stop moving for 5 minutes. They also have a lock screen feature that you can set up on your phone. Mine shows my emergency contact info the same way my wristband does and I can set it to that lock screen just before I head out for a run!


Do these guys know safety or what?? I LOVE this company so much that I joined their affiliate program awhile back and proudly display their logo over there on my sidebar. ::points:: And now I am pleased to have partnered up with them to bring you this great giveaway:  A $35 credit for anything you want on the RoadID site! 

Here are some details on how to enter:


  • Head on over to RoadID for a look around and then tell me in the comments how you would spend your winnings!


And here is a link to the Rafflecopter where you can do all these things. It’s so annoying how this WordPress platform won’t let me embed the widget:

Salt’s Safety Dance!

This giveaway will end at 12am EST on Wednesday, February 12, giving you plenty of time to spend your $35 on someone for Valentine’s Day if you wish because in my opinion nothing says “I love you” like wanting someone to be safe. The winner will be announced here on that day, but I can’t promise it will be super early in the morning because even though safety never takes a vacation, Salt does. 4 more days until Florida!

GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE and I hope you are staying safe out there today! Especially those of you who got lots of ice like we did. Ugh. OVER IT.

~ Salt

All opinions about the RoadID expressed in this blog post are my own. I was generously provided with a $35 credit by RoadID to give away on my blog. Are they great or what?

61 thoughts on “Do the Safety Dance! {Road ID Giveaway!}

  1. Samantha Conard says:

    I would love to have a sports band ID because i am training for an ironman and all of my long workouts i do alone. I would feel a lot safer running and biking alone with some type of ID

  2. Amy says:

    I have been putting off getting one of these for a while now and really should just buy one… but winning one would be even better! It would be the Teal WristID Slim and a few extra bands and then some badges to bling it up! What an awesome way to be safe and celebrate my accomplishments!

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