11 More Days. 11 More Days. 11 More Days.

Thanks to the Polar Vortex, my daily mantra has become a daily countdown until my vacation. It’s 13 degrees outside right now without the windchill and I cannot remember a time in my life where it has EVER been this cold around here for such an extended period of time. And cue all the ignorant comments on my Facebook newsfeed about how global warming must be a myth because how can it be real if it’s SO COLD?


I guess the silver lining of all the cold could be that no matter how dreadful flying with a fidgety toddler on my lap might be, here is the end result as long as they don’t kick us off the plane:



I’ve never been so excited for 70 degrees. I love how the Valentine’s Day forecast says “and warmer”. Those south Florida people are probably cold when it’s in the low 70’s. They just have no idea. 72 degrees is going to feel like a sauna.

I’m going to wear shorts and a tank and probably offend everyone with my pasty, day-glo whiteness. I’m going to run every day and it will probably be like trying to breathe inside a sponge. I don’t even care. 11 MORE DAYS.

~ Salt


12 thoughts on “11 More Days. 11 More Days. 11 More Days.

  1. Andrea says:

    So exciting! There’s nothing better than having a warm weather trip to look forward to when the weather is cold. I’m heading out west for a quick weekend trip. It won’t be in the 70s, but right now I’m pretty excited for 50s!

  2. kristenk says:

    Ooooh I love 70 degree weather! I’m going to be in Disney Feb. 19-25 and I’m hoping for 60-70 weather (maybe without humidity?). I’m so excited you’re going to have such fabulous weather!

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