2014 Fall Training: A Run Blogger Directory

Welcome to the Fall Race 2014 Blogger Directory!

All the people you see below are training for some big upcoming races! They are organized by race date so it’s my hope that you will be able to connect with other bloggers who share the same training timeline as you do and maybe make a new friend for support along the way! If you would like to be added to the list, please contact me at runsaltrun@gmail.com with your URL, race you are training for, and the date.

Happy Training! 

September 2014

September 6: Lily Runs the World (Dingle Half Marathon – Dingle, Ireland)

September 13: Kyntucky Runner (Last Chance to BQ – Grand Rapids)

September 13: This Life. Live Now. (Oregon Marathon)

September 14: Eat Pray Run DC (Air Force Half Marathon)

September 20: The Gluten Free Treadmill (Bismarck Marathon)

September 21: Little Green Running Shoes (RnR Half Marathon Philadelphia)

September 21: Run Away With Me (Beat the Blerch Half Marathon)

September 22: Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo (Rochester Marathon)

September 28: It’s a Marathon AND a Sprint (Colby) (VT50)

September 28: You Signed Up For What? (Augusta Ironman 70.3)

September 28: Confessions of an Amateur Athlete (RnR Half Montreal)

October 2014

October 4-5: Lindsey Likes to Run (Shell Yeah Challenge – Crawlin’ Crab 5K & Half)

October 5: Also Ran Again (Portland Marathon)

October 5: The Millenial Next Door (Lakefront Marathon)

October 5: Irish Runner Chick (Twin Cities Marathon)

October 5: Irene Jean (Twin Cities Marathon)

October 11: Run This Mom – (Scenic Byway Half Marathon)

October 12: Confessions of a Mother Runner (Army 10 Miler)

October 12: You Signed Up For What? (Army 10 Miler)

October 12: Piper’s Run (Valley Harvest Half – Nova Scotia)

October 12: Pretty Little Runner (Mohawk Hudson Marathon)

October 12: Run For Cupcakes (Towpath Marathon)

October 12: Run This Apple

October 18: Sweaty Mess Mama (Baltimore Half)

October 18: You Signed Up For What? (Baltimore Half)

October 18: Run Salt Run (Baltimore Half)

October 19: Confessions of an Amateur Athlete (RnR Marathon Denver)

October 19: Girl Running Crazy (Amsterdam Marathon)

October 19: Run Pilou Run! (Amsterdam Marathon)

October 19: Kelsie Lou (RnR Marathon St.Louis)

October 19: I Run in the Rain (RnR Marathon St.Louis)

October 19: Run for the Pizza (Columbus Marathon)

October 19: The Girl Who Ran Everywhere (Baystate Marathon)

October 19: So Very Slightly Mad (Baystate Marathon)

October 26: Helly on the Run (Marine Corps Marathon)

October 26: Mar on the Run (Marine Corps Marathon)

October 26: Marathon: My Personal Journey (Marine Corps Marathon)

October 26: This Mama Runs for Cupcakes (Marine Corps Marathon)

November 2014

November: Running Around the Bend (Half Marathon TBD)

November 1: The Mile Report (Indy Marathon – possible)

November 1: So What? I Run. (Taroko Gorge Marathon – Taiwan)

November 2: First Marathon 262 (NYC Marathon)

November 2: Lisa Runs for Cupcakes (NYC Marathon)

November 2: Maybe Marathoner (NYC Marathon)

November 2: Run Jenny Run (NYC Marathon)

November 2: Southern Fried Soul (NYC Marathon)

November 7-8: Cowgirl Runs (Las Vegas Ragnar)

November 8: Pam Robbins Runs (RnR Marathon Savannah)

November 8: Lily Runs the World (Santa Barbara International Half Marathon)

November 9: Fitness Meets Frosting (Berkeley Half Marathon)

November 23: Emily Runs Chicago (Philadelphia Marathon)

November 23: It’s a Marathon AND a Sprint (SeeTinaRun) (Philadelphia Marathon)

November 23: Miss Adventures in Running (Philadelphia Marathon)

November 23: Running Out of Wine (Philadelphia Marathon)

November 23: Shangrilolly (Philadelphia Marathon)

December 2014


These people are training for something…I’m just not sure what. (Let me know!)

Running Southern

Run Becky Run

She’s Going the Distance



15 thoughts on “2014 Fall Training: A Run Blogger Directory

  1. Run Colby Run says:

    I love that you have this all in one snazzy place!! Thanks Salt! You ROCK!!! I’m running the VT50 on September 28th, the 50K. Not 50 mile. I’m not THAT crazy. 🙂 xoxo

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