Feeling Swirly! {Swirlgear Fashion Show & Review}

The other day in my Favorite Things post I mentioned that I was a recently minted Swirlgear Brand Ambassador and that I was looking forward to getting my first shipment. Well I was in for a pleasant surprise last night when I arrived home from my company holiday party where as promised, I shoveled all the desserts in my face…cheesecake bites, lemon squares, and chocolate covered strawberries. It was a lot of fruit, you see, and hence very healthy for me.


I had to try everything on right away and take some photos to share because these clothes are just so darn PRETTY! I chose the running hoodie in green/camo and the long sleeved tech shirt in pink and black. First let’s talk about the hoodie, which has become one of my favorite articles of clothing after only having it in my possession for less than 12 hours.

This hoodie is a form-fitting, moisture-wicking poly blend with a half zipper. The seams are all flat which is awesome because I can’t feel them against my skin and I’m weird about stuff like that. There are quite a few neat little details too: the logo and zipper are both reflective, it is tag-less which I think all running gear should be, there is an opening in the hood for my ponytail which I imagine will really help keep the hood in place while I’m running, and my favorite part? HOLES FOR MY THUMBS!


The colors are really beautiful and features the signature Swirlgear spray dye look down the sides. I LOVE THIS HOODIE!

Now on to the long-sleeved tech shirt. I was so excited about this one because with all the cold weather, I have become desperate for more warm winter running gear. This shirt is going to be PERFECT for my outdoor runs!


Same as with the hoodie, it is a moisture-wicking poly-spandex blend with flat stitching and the signature swirls of color! I especially like that this shirt is a little long in the arms, which will prevent the fabric from riding up, plus I can cover my hands with it. The cut is very flattering, it’s well-made and super comfortable to wear. I am very much looking forward to wearing it out on my run tomorrow!

This stuff is so cute right? Well if you are interested in purchasing some Swirlgear of your own, I have a great offer to extend. Enter the coupon code swirlon at checkout and receive FREE SHIPPING on your entire purchase! I promise you that you will love anything you buy from there and I think it would make a great last-minute gift for a favorite runner in your life! I am giddy with excitement over my new gear! For anyone interested in the sizing I can report that a small fits my slim 5’6″ frame great. Based on their sizing on the website, I could have ordered an XS, but I’m glad I went with the small instead because I like a little looseness to my running gear.

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday!

What are some little details that you look for when purchasing running clothes? Do you love thumb holes as much as I do??

~ Salt

Disclaimer: I did receive these gorgeous pieces for 50% off as part of the Swirlgear Brand Ambassador program. I purchased them myself and all opinions expressed in this post are my own. (And very honest!)


4 thoughts on “Feeling Swirly! {Swirlgear Fashion Show & Review}

  1. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    I don’t run as you know… but I love thumb holes. Like, LOVE THEM! I wish that more shirts would have come with them when I was actively snowboarding. Having that protection and then putting on gloves makes all the difference for warm hands, arms and not getting frost bit. And also, they look cute. That’s the bottom line 😉 These shirts are amazing and you look amazing!

  2. txa1265 says:

    I had a base layer a few years ago that had thumb holes and it was great for keeping things together and covered especially in the extreme cold. None of my stuff has them now (not as common on guys clothes), but I wouldn’t mind! For me it is all about comfort and functionality – so the ‘no feel’ is great for no chafing, and I am also very much concerned about the temperature range of materials.

    Oh, and I generally go for the brightest / loudest stuff I can possibly find – I love bright orange, yellow, blue, lime green stuff! Of course, since I generally run pre-dawn that helps with visibility, but that is only part of the reason 🙂

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