How to get a 6-pack in 5 seconds!! OMG!! {Plus we have a WINNER!}

I’m totally kidding about the 5 second 6-pack.

But today before I announce the lucky winner of my Merry Fitness Giveaway, I am going to talk about my abs. I get asked about them sometimes…like how in the world did I get them to happen especially after having a baby. Do I do a lot of crunches? Can people do their laundry on them? Etc.

To be honest my abs are still kind of a shock even to me. I wasn’t a runner, but I was a gym rat for about a million years before I got pregnant and I considered myself to be pretty fit. I could feel that my abs were there, but I couldn’t see them. I also didn’t particularly care and I’m not insinuating that anyone else should either, but I figured just in case anyone wanted to know what worked for me this time around, I would share it on my blog.

It definitely didn’t only take 5 seconds or even 5 weeks or any other ridiculously short amount of time that all those diets and online fitness fads will claim. My abs are a happy accident that came along with my training, but they are also a product of hard work. First I’m going to be brave for the sake of showing you my starting point. This is what I looked like on March 2nd, 2012. I was 39 and a half weeks pregnant and my daughter would be born 3 days later.


If I look more than a little tired and miserable, it’s because I was. I am always so astonished whenever I see this photo because I’m still in disbelief that the human body can stretch that far in every direction and not explode. I lost count of the amount of people who asked me if I was having twins. As I said, I never had rock solid abs at any other point in my life but after going through this I would have laughed if anyone suggested it as a possibility.

Grain of Salt Toned Abs Formula

(Grain of Salt because this should all be taken with one. I am not an exercise professional. Just a regular mom who likes a play on words.)


Pick your poison here. There are lots of cardio options out there and running has proven to be the most effective for me by far. But if you can’t run for whatever reason or you don’t want to, there are plenty of other regular cardiovascular activities that will burn fat. Burning off the fat is the first step in making your abs pop.


Just like with cardio, there are tons of options. I’m a working mom who doesn’t have time to hang out in the gym for hours a day, so I actually do a lot of my strengthening exercises at home after my daughter is asleep at night. I’m a big fan of the Blogilates channel on YouTube which is fun and – even better – FREE. She has a TON of ab and core strengthening videos that are great and super challenging. She sometimes plays a little too much Taylor Swift for my liking, but I forgive her.

I also get my strength-training in yoga class twice a week and I do a LOT of planks. In my opinion, planks are pretty much the best exercise you can do for a strong core and good core strength is essential if you are a runner.


When I first joined one of my healthy mom groups online a lot of the ladies there were talking about “clean eating” and I had no idea what that meant and thought it sounded incredibly time consuming. When I get home at 6pm with my daughter and my husband is working nights, the last thing I want to do is make some complicated dinner. As it kept coming up over and over again, I started to do a little research on my own and found that “clean eating” isn’t the diet fad I thought it was. I actually learned that I was a pretty clean eater without even really trying.

Clean eating is eating food that is as close to its natural state as possible, lots of fruits and veggies, healthy fats, whole grains, making healthy choices when cooking such as steaming vegetables or baking chicken, drinking lots of water and avoiding processed food. That’s it. I pretty much eat whatever I want although earlier this year I did cut some of the unnecessary sugar from my diet (for example…I would switch out a snack of Rice Krispies Treats with a Greek Yogurt) and I definitely think it made a difference both in my weight and also the way I feel.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing either because I will be the first to admit that I do occasionally eat things that are processed, I don’t obsess about ingredients if I’m out to eat at a restaurant, and you can have my wine and my York Peppermint Patties when you pry them from my cold dead hands. I am a big fan of moderation in everything and I feel like if I make healthy choices more of the time, it will balance itself out. So please eat a cookie or three. It’s the holidays.

4) AND THAT’S IT. You thought there would be more, didn’t you?

As I said before, I’m not trying to pretend I’m some kind of fitness guru and I’m not trying to go all icky Maria Kang on anyone. If a toned tummy is something that you happen to be striving for, this is the combination of things that worked for me and I had quite the enormous starting point to work from!

NOW let’s resurrect the Oprah graphic again to announce the iBodyFit WINNER!





Let’s get in touch ASAP so you can claim your prize!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. I’m off to my millionth holiday party tonight where I will not be keeping track of any of the food and desserts that I shove in my face. ‘Tis the season!

~ Salt


18 thoughts on “How to get a 6-pack in 5 seconds!! OMG!! {Plus we have a WINNER!}

    • CultFit says:

      We have to step back and look at muscle structure objectively – You, me and that dude over there … Share three completely different genetic structures. Its easy to say that all us have 8 packs – because we all do and I like your thoughts in regards to hard work and diet, they play a supportive role in our appearance.
      Speaking of appearance, adipose tissue fat that is often the most difficult fat to erase from our midsection. Visceral fat is metabolically (genetic – high or low metabolism) active and we can erase using, like you pointed out: Exercise and nutrition. The adipose fat (on top of our muscle) has a relatively small blood supply and in essence, is inert. Adipose fat is the last fat our body metabolizes. What does all this nonsense mean?
      The only course of action we can take to change ANYTHING pertaining to our abdominal wall is to either make them bigger (hypertrophy) or smaller (atrophy). Get your butt in the gym or starve yourself to death …

  1. Julia says:

    Holy moly girl…your abs are amazing!!! I’m just curious, and feel free not to answer if it makes you feel uncomfortable, but can you tell me how much you weigh and how tall you are? I think I’ve got the cardio down, and I’m working on the strength training (as much as my wrist permits right now) and I swear if I lose any more weight I’m going to disappear (today scale said 107 and I’m 5’3″), but I still have this extra layer of flab on my stomach. I just want it to go away!!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I am 5’6″ and I think I weigh around 114 maybe? I’m not sure. I’ve been in maintenance mode for awhile weight loss wise for the same reason (not trying to pull a disappearing act). I definitely think you have the cardio down! I would just keep doing what you are doing and work your core as best you can. Have you tried doing some side-planks? You could do them from your elbow or forearm so as not to bother your wrist.

      • Julia says:

        That’s a good idea. I forgot my Body Pump DVD’s came with a 15 minute abs video that has a ton of side planks. I think I’ll add that in tonight!

  2. samantha couch says:

    you. are. ridiculously amazing. for real. i have been a certified personal trainer, a runner, and a workout aholic and i’ve never had abs like that.

  3. Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?! says:

    Wow, that’s incredible. I will never have abs like that – after three giant babies carried all out front, I have extra skin in the front. Gross, I know, but it’s not snapping back like it did in my 20’s (I’m 40!). But I really commend you for not following fads and just working hard!

  4. txa1265 says:

    Love the post, hilarious as always 🙂

    I also love the pregnancy pic – I grabbed a few of my wife for both of our kids, and they enjoy seeing them at this point (since they are both in high school).

    When she was pregnant with our second son, we were out grabbing supplies on New Year’s Eve, a guy came up to my wife and I and said ‘you can still get in that tax deduction before midnight!’ My wife said ‘I’m not due for 8 more weeks!’ 🙂

    Abs are an interesting thing … my kids talk about my abs, and I joke and say I have a ‘4 pack’ … because I have skin remaining from being obese that I will never lose. Heck, I’ll take having a 4-pack any day! 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Haha pregnancy can make for the most awkward conversations! I’m so glad that I took weekly pics the whole time so I can share them with my daughter later on. I love that your kids enjoy seeing them now!

      And 4-packs rock!!

  5. liv says:

    Wow. That’s amazing. I hope to someday have abs that look like that!! Slow and steady for me, though, and there’s a LOT of extra padding to come off before that can happen!

  6. Anita says:

    I hate crunches and was happy to see someone else hates them too! Awesome tips, thanks for sharing. You look incredible! I had my last baby one month shy of my 37th birthday and thought there was no way my body was going to bounce back like it did in my 20’s … I was right. However with a little (OK a lot) of hard work and more planks than I can count I can say I’m on my way. It only took 6 years 🙂

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