We’re Going STREAKING! {Link party!}

Helly and I (and Frank the Tank) would like to welcome you to our very first installment of our Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak link party! Woo hoo!


Week 2 has come to a close and we are both still going strong! Today actually marks my 19th straight day of running and I’m feeling much more phenomenal than I ever thought I would after 19 straight days of running.

Here is a quick recap of this past STREAK WEEK!

  • December 5: I finally make it back out on the trail after a 2 week hiatus! After my first unfortunate experience out there I never thought I would actually miss the trail, but lo and behold I’m finding myself rather enjoying these days. I have my best day out there yet and run my 5 in just under 37 minutes.
  • December 6: Rest day. 1 mile. I don’t even bother changing out of my sweet 1970’s high-waisted bell bottoms before hopping on the treadmill. A great many weird looks ensue.
  • December 7: A wonderful, relaxing 7 mile run around my ‘hood. 38 degrees outside feels like a heat wave. I wear too many shirts and actually sweat for the first time in weeks.
  • December 8: My last race of the year, Charlie’s Run! Race PR at 22:20 and first place in my age group! Snowstorm #1 fires up just as I finish.
  • December 9: Due to snowstorm #1, we don’t have sidewalks around here and getting hit by a car is not my idea of a good time. So I run 10K on the treadmill.
  • December 10: Oh hey look! It’s snowstorm #2! It’s not even officially winter yet and it has snowed more in 3 days than it has in like 3 years! Luckily it’s also speed day. 5 treadmill miles with much more successful 800m repeats than last week. I don’t even feel like barfing afterward.
  • December 11: Cross train day! I hop on the treadmill again for a mile before 12 miles on a bike. Later on I will attend a holiday party where I will proceed to eat the equivalent of 4 dinners and drink about a gallon of wine.

I’m surprisingly un-hungover today. Must be all those dinners I ate.

Total Streak Mileage So Far: 73 miles and change.

To kick off this new week of the Streak I have a brand new pair of Brooks (EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESSIE!) and 5 miles planned. I’d love to hit the trail, but I’m sure it would be the sloppiest, slippery-ist miles I’ve ever run! So we’ll see. The treadmill has definitely been my BFF this week with all this gnarly weather we’ve been having.

Are you streaking with us? Are you doing weekly recaps of your streak? Link up with us using the linky tool below so that we can all visit each other and keep that motivation coming! Feel free to grab our badge and the code and post it up on you blog as well!

Click here to join the Streak Party with Helly & Salt!

And another shameless plug for my Merry Fitness iBodyFit Giveaway which is still going on!


21 thoughts on “We’re Going STREAKING! {Link party!}

  1. kristenk says:

    I’m streaking too! And week #2 was totally awesome. Good job on your milage, I’m not up there yet but hopefully I will be soon (especially with all this streaking!). Good luck on week #3! Oh and I’m part of the streaking party now, what a great idea!

  2. Lindsey says:

    We only have 1 working treadmill right now so I’m kind of glad I’m not streaking this year haha! I’ve had to suck it up for my training runs outside and some of them have not been much fun. It’s been COLD here!

    • runsaltrun says:

      You are a rock star for getting out there! Part of me is glad that I can run at all, but then the other part feels like a giant wuss for not getting out there. Hopefully I can get an outdoor run in tomorrow morning before we get yet MORE SNOW.

  3. ambertherunner says:

    I’m so over these snowstorms! But I suppose they make me thankful for treadmills…
    Great job on those 800s – it’s such a great feeling to do a workout for a second time and have it go much more smoothly than the first 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the link up!

  4. txa1265 says:

    I did the streak last year – ended up with 65 days, >450 miles, and an amazing change in my outlook on running in the cold (included my coldest ever run – 5.25 miles in -15F with decently strong winds!). I skipped this year, doing my normal 6 days a week runs along with one ‘run with purpose’ per week.

    Awesome job on the streak!

      • txa1265 says:

        I took a picture – there was frost and ice all over my head, all of the tech gear did a great job letting moisture escape … where it promptly froze! 🙂

        I definitely worried more about injury and fatigue as I had week after week go by without rest (and I only did <5 miles twice, and those were a 4 and 3.5 mile runs around Thanksgiving with my brother … so I really was pushing it)

  5. Melissa Gaines (@melGmow) says:

    I love that Bondi! I have a couple but I look like Bret Michaels so I don’t wear them much. I also love Brooks, I wear a wide and there’s is a perfect fit. A must have for me is music, I have to keep from hearing myself breathe 🙂

  6. Anita says:

    I would love to hear more about the treadmill repeats that you have been doing. We don’t have a track anywhere close to us and I’ve been using the treadmill for tempo and fartleks and I am always curious about what others are doing too.

    “I will proceed to eat the equivalent of 4 dinners and drink about a gallon of wine.” – Bwahahaha ‘Tis the season my friend, ’tis the season!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I use the treadmill for the exact same reason! (No track.) Currently on my speed day I do a one mile warmup followed by 800m repeats (with my speed set anywhere from 8-8.5+…I usually kick it up as I run) with a 400m cool down in between (usually with my speed set at around 7) then I finish with a 3/4 mile cool down jog. I am going to start working on less of a cool down, but I just moved from 400m to 800m repeats so I need a little more time right now. 🙂 I actually love doing speed stuff on the treadmill. It keeps it interesting and it feels like the time goes by so fast!

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