My First Race – Scared, Nervous…Triumphant {A Guest Post}

It’s GUEST BLOG DAY! I am so pleased to introduce you to one of my favorite people in the world, Erin, also known as “Favorite”. Erin and I have known each other nearly 5 years. She is hilarious, fun, supportive, and every other great quality that you would want in a friend. She also started running recently using the Couch to 10k program and her runs as of late have been going very well. So obviously because I am super obnoxious and try to get everyone to start running all the time –- I need more people to talk about it with okay? -– I persuaded her to join me for Charlie’s Run this past Sunday.

Charlie’s Run was Erin’s first race EVER! This is the part where I shut up and let her tell you all about it in her own words…

My First Race – Scared, Nervous…Triumphant

Tomorrow I am going to run my first 5K race, Charlie’s Run. I haven’t been this nervous since my first date with my fiancé. I have dabbled with running for a couple of months. I needed something new in my life but wasn’t sure as to what would fill the void. My best friend, Salt, decided she was going to run and hit the ground with a bang. Inspirational doesn’t even come close to describing what she has done in such a short period of time. She did get me to give it another go and stick with it.  I have been training with the Couch to 10K app for only a few weeks and I haven’t even ran/walked 5K at the present moment so I am not even sure if I can do this, let alone what to expect.

I am scared I will come in last, fall or hurt myself or if I will even finish, but I made a commitment and I am going to do this. Picking up my race packet today made this very real. And extremely exciting. I feel I am a part of something big and I hope I don’t let anyone down.  I just hope Mother Nature doesn’t throw to many obstacles at me tomorrow.  She seems to have a proper hazing in store for me.

Race Day

Lauren picked me up at 8:00 am. The race starts at 9. I carefully picked out my race gear, made sure I brought everything I needed and headed out the door in a huge bag of nerves. As we pulled up to the school I was amazed at the amount of people who were there. The school was packed with people young and old ready to have a good race. Looking around, I wondered if anyone was going to walk and run, like myself, or if they were all seasoned runners. I just had no idea what to expect.

As the group walked to the starting line, I decided to calm down. It didn’t matter if I was last, if I walked the whole way or what anyone thought. I was there and I was going to do this my way. I gave Lauren a quick hug and we both went on our separate ways. I turned on the 10K app on my phone and decided to follow the training it showed so I would not over exert myself. My goal was to finish in 40-45 minutes. I could do this. I kept pace with the people around me for a little while and when I noticed a person walking I finally decided to do the run my own way.

The course seemed to be gentle with slight hills and declines. Until the middle when the road made a steep decline. My only thought was I was going to have to run up this hill and that was going to be no fun. I noticed some runners cutting across the line to avoid the hill. It was a bit upsetting but I made up my mind I was not going to do that, I was going to do the entire course. Coming back up the hill was brutal so I walked most of it. I was feeling the burn in my legs, but when I got to the top I felt so proud and a new wave of energy came over me. I ran when the course seemed a bit flat and walked when it made steeper inclines. I knew the end of the race would be downhill and I wanted to conserve my energy so I could run that entire distance. When I got to the entrance of the school I started running. I could see the finish line. As I rounded the last turn I got to see my favorite 3 people cheering me on:  my fiancé, son and Favorite. I was so excited, I did it! And then the best part, as they announce my name as I crossed the finish line I noticed the time – 37 MINUTES!! I couldn’t believe it! Not only did I finish a difficult course but also I completed it ahead of my goal of 40 minutes! I cannot begin to describe the sense of accomplishment. I am now a runner! And I can’t wait for my next race! Thank you for your inspiration, Lauren!


She totally killed her race! She is such an inspiration and it is my hope that this post will motivate someone who is on the fence about running in their first organized event to get out there and do it. Nerves are a normal part of it all and there is just something so sweet about crossing that finish line for the first time. Thank you so much for sharing your experience on my blog, Favorite!

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And to all my fellow STREAKERS: I have a fun link-up planned for tomorrow with my “sole” sister, Helly from Helly on the Run! Stay tuned!

QotD: I’d love to hear all about your first race too. What was it? Were you nervous? Tell me in the comments!

~ Salt


5 thoughts on “My First Race – Scared, Nervous…Triumphant {A Guest Post}

  1. Anita says:

    Erin, you are a runner! Congratulations on CRUSHING your goal time. My first race was a 5k memorial run too, I was nervous/excited, felt I had no idea what I was doing and walked when I had to. My favorite people were waiting for me at the finish line and my 6 year old ran the last 100 meters with me … best feeling ever. That was in May and since then I have raced 2 additional 5k’s, a 10k and have registered for 4 races already in early 2014. Once the racing bug bites you you just can’t stop! Looking forward to hearing about your future races 🙂

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