#RWRUNSTREAK: Holiday Run Streak Update!


Well it has been a full week since the official start of Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak (and it’s Day 11 for me) so I thought I’d make today – and every Wednesday until the end of this thing – a day to check in and discuss how everything is going. I’m a first-timer and had a few reservations in the beginning about how zero real rest days would impact my body, especially with several races – and like 9 holiday parties – sprinkled throughout my Streak. Like sprinkles on a delicious Christmas cookie. Mmmmmmmm.

Luckily I can report that SO FAR SO GOOD. Here’s a quick recap of the past week+:

  • November 24: My Holiday Streak starts with the Zoo Zoom 8K (5 miles) and a PR on some nasty hills.
  • November 25: Usually on Mondays I run a 10K outside on my lunch break. Due to the fact that I really pushed it to the limit on Sunday, I run my 10K as hill intervals on the treadmill at an easy pace.
  • November 26: Tuesdays are my speed day. 5 miles of repeats on the treadmill.
  • November 27: I decide to run a mile before my usual bike cross train because although the Streak officially starts the next day, I’ve already been running since Sunday so why stop now.
  • November 28: Gobble Cobble 7K! 4 chilly, horrible miles. No shirt as a reward. Still bitter, party of me.
  • November 29: Fridays are my rest day. In order to keep the Streak alive, I run a mile as laps around my parking lot while my daughter takes a nap. Whatever works.
  • November 30: Saturdays are my long run. 10 cold, but glorious miles.
  • December 1: 1 quick mile around my neighborhood before hot yoga class.
  • December 2: 10K on my lunch break. New 5K and 10K PR! I hope I can run this same 5K pace on Sunday when it counts, but we are attending a holiday party the night before so never mind my delusions of grandeur.
  • December 3: 5 miles of speed, including my first attempt at 800m intervals. Dry heaves ensue.
  • December 4 (That would be today in case you have no concept of time): I haven’t run yet, but I will get a quick mile in before I hop on the bike again.

Total Streak Mileage So Far: 45 miles and change.

Overall I’m feeling strong and good about this. Last week I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it all the way until the end, but with every day that passes, I feel more capable. I already run 4 days a week so it was all about when to fit in those extra short runs on what would usually be a rest or cross train day. My biggest challenge will be closer to Christmas when I have a couple days off. The fact that I work allows me to get on the treadmill for a mile on Wednesdays and Fridays, and Sundays are fine because my husband is home. It will be more difficult when I am home with my toddler on week days while my husband works. I foresee some very early rising or some more running around the parking lot in my future. My neighbors probably think I’m out of my skull.

So I want to hear from YOU, my fellow Streakers! How is your Run Streak going? How are you feeling? Are you having as much fun with this as I am? Let’s keep each other motivated for the next month!

~ Salt (The Streaker!)


26 thoughts on “#RWRUNSTREAK: Holiday Run Streak Update!

  1. Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles says:

    Great job on the streak!! I am really enjoying it too. I love having goals that keep me focused. Sometimes I have to be creative to get the runs in on my cross training days, but I am committed to making it happen. I love that you are running in the parking lot!!

  2. Alicia says:

    Great job on the streaking! I’ve never done the streak challenge, but if I did, I would do what you’re doing by doing a quick mile before cross training workouts. Good luck!

  3. Lindsay says:

    GO LAUREN GO!!!! I may start calling you Salt just to be cool. You are totally rocking this Streak 🙂 P.S. I’m not too far from you (I live about 45 mins-1 hour from Baltimore) we’ll have to try to plan something sometime!!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thanks, lady! Lots of people call me Salt so that would be totally fine! 🙂 That is so awesome that you live so close! We definitely should plan something…lunch or a race or both?? Only a couple of my friends run so it would be awesome to have another running buddy nearby!

  4. Lindsey says:

    Great job! I’m not doing this streak (I didn’t want to get burned out on running while I’m training for my half! I’m in a happy place with running right now and want to stay!), but I found when I did it the past two summers that overall my legs felt a lot looser. I think just that little bit of time is just the right amount to shake them out!

  5. ambertherunnerber says:

    Glad to hear your streak is going well!
    I’m using the same method as you – keeping my regular run days the same, but squeezing in at least a short run on my usual days off, and I like the way it’s working for me so far!
    This challenge has made me realize just how short 1 mile feels now 🙂

  6. ambertherunner says:

    Glad to hear your streak is going well!
    I’m using the same method as you – keeping my regular run days the same, but squeezing in at least a short run on my usual days off, and I like the way it’s working for me so far!
    This challenge has made me realize just how short 1 mile feels now- like it’s still a “day off” 🙂

  7. kristenk says:

    Wow, your streak is going so well! I’ve been doing well with the streaking but I had to cut down my milage to 1 mile/day since Sunday because the back of my left knee and my hip hurt so bad! I don’t think I was physically prepared for this, but I’m still going for it anyways! Good luck with your next week of the streak!

  8. Anita says:

    Amazing job with your Streak! I didn’t sign up for one this time around because I am training for my first Around the Bay 30k race and want to be able to take rest days to avoid injury.

    “No shirt as a reward. Still bitter, party of me.” – This had me laughing out loud! My husband refuses to enter a race if there isn’t a shirt in to for him 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      I know right?? I had no idea that there would be no shirt until I went in to get my bib and they were all “oh you weren’t one of the first 600 people to sign up”. I was annoyed. Especially after I saw what the shirts looked like and they were really nice. I guess I’ll get over it eventually. 😉

      Good luck with your 30k training! That is HUGE!

      • Anita says:

        What would you say was the biggest challenge on the race Jackie? I heard the hills in the last third can be brutal and upped my hill repeats significantly.

    • runsaltrun says:

      You will probably have such an easier time with them than I did! It was literally the first time I had ever done an 800m interval, much less two with such a short break in between. It has to get easier, right? Have fun tonight!

      Thank you for joining my shirt bitter party. 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you and good luck to you too! This is my first December running and with it getting so much colder now I can definitely see how I would be slacking without this.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you so much! Yep during a training run. I’m hoping that I can match my 5k time this weekend, but with snow in the forecast I don’t think I should hold my breath on that. 🙂

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