‘Tis the season to fight with my toddler over having her picture taken.

Last year at this time my daughter didn’t walk yet. She was crawling, but crawling doesn’t hold a candle to walking and especially not to running. I wouldn’t say that I miss those days, but sometimes it was kind of nice to set her down and not worry about her being out the door and across the street the moment I turned my back.

One such time is when I’m trying to get her photo taken. Last year we went to our local Picture People because I had a Groupon and heard that they do a pretty good job. Her pictures turned out super cute (I actually blogged about them over here). She was mostly smiley and  – even better – she wasn’t blurry like she is in 90% of her other current photos. I swear that child is harder to photograph than Bigfoot.

I decided to give Picture People another go this year, but earlier this time so that I could hopefully use one of the photos for our holiday cards. We went this past Saturday. I think it was a combination of a typical toddler just not being in the mood and also our initial photographer was pretty obnoxious, but this picture pretty much sums up the tude we were working with that day:


Ummm the Naughty List called and it would like it’s holiday stink-eye back please and thank you.

Basically things were not going well at all. She wouldn’t sit still. She wouldn’t stand still. She wouldn’t smile. She wouldn’t even look in the direction of the camera. She kept running over to me yelling “MOMMY!” and throwing herself in my arms and of course how can I be mad at that? They brought in 3 DIFFERENT PEOPLE to try to get her photo. I apologized to all of them. Near the end we gave her some fake snowballs to play with and that seemed to work out relatively well, but for the most part I thought the whole session would be a bust. I crossed my fingers for 1 decent picture that I could use for our card. Then I waited with my out-of-control toddler in the waiting room for them to call our name. I have no idea how long we waited, but I think it was at least a year.

And then…these:






When the heck did they take these!? I’m telling you, those Picture People must be using witchcraft or something.

Thanks to the Groupon I got a ton of prints and a great deal on the image CD. I’m still in shock there were enough good images to warrant a whole CD!

Do you send out holiday cards? Do you use family photos on them? Have you ever been to a Picture People?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

~ Salt


9 thoughts on “‘Tis the season to fight with my toddler over having her picture taken.

  1. Julia says:

    OMG that first one is hilarious!!! You did get some really cute ones though! I feel your pain…imagine trying to do it with two kids! I usually take about 400 pictures when doing photos of my kids just to hopefully get one good one!

  2. johanson52607 says:

    I found you!! Sneaky lil’ sucker!! I’ve missed these pictures of your lil bean! So cute– and pictures are tough– I had this experience two weekends ago. Its a miracle I have one out of 200 pictures where kids are all smiling. YAY for you on the running! I need to get motivated myself!

  3. hellyfast says:

    I actually kinda love the first one! She is such a doll!
    I feel you with the struggling with pictures. L is a fire cracker by herself and trying to get her to stand still with her brother is even more impossible!

  4. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    We’ve sent pictures twice… once with photoshopped images, and then once with wedding images. I loved both but I think we will spare everyone our mugs until we have a cute little thing like B to show off. She’s so adorable. I have to say I’m happy you got the awesome ones at the end but that first one slays me. It’s a riot.

    You should have seen my niece’s preschool photos – literally looks like she is telling the photographer “I will murder you, your wife and your pets while you sleep.” SUPER creepy 2 year old photos!!! NOt a smile to be had. My SIL purchased them just to have them to laugh at for the next few years. Any photo taken by momma or family, CHEESE! Strange photographer… NO go.

    Baby B or should I say Toddler B is amazingly cute. Those boots, and cheeks and the true smile in those last shots. She’s a doll. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the Christmas cards (yes that was me asking to be on your list!!!) ox

  5. Anita says:

    I usually send out cards but haven’t included photo’s in years because getting a decent picture with the two Big’s and the Little is an exercise in patience that I just don’t have. Looking at your adorable pictures I may just break out the Nikon and give it a go. I’m with everyone else, go with the top one, it’s perfect.

  6. txa1265 says:

    We used to use JC Penney when the kids were little (Pheasant Lane Mall, Nashua NH), and it started with a coupon when the older son was 6 weeks old! We generally had decent results, occasionally had a photographer who couldn’t manage the shot, but one year we had what we thought was a decent shoot on the small view, but when we got to the big screen there was a problem with all of them (and they wanted to charge us again to reshoot!) That was the last time we did that …

    We do send out holiday cards every year, and they are *holiday* cards because we have friends all over the world in a variety of religions, and there is nothing less Christian than stuff your Christianity down other people’s throats 🙂

    For the past several years our pictures have been self-taken – well, my wife. Generally it is on a fall hike or apple picking, and we all pose and use the camera timer. Love the results.

  7. Chrissy says:

    I love that one of her sitting under the Christmas Tree. I used to have some great faces myself when I had to be in pictures as a toddler. My dad actually banned me from photos for a while! I have to say in the end, you got some great pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them.

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