A week of firsts.

It has been a week full of surprising new things for me. On Sunday I nabbed myself a PR and a first-place-in-my-age-group finish in a chilly 5K. A day later, I ran my first 6-minute mile.

This morning on the way to daycare, Betty sang her first Christmas song. Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells. Over and over in the backseat. Every single day with her is the cutest day ever. Jingle Bells is my new favorite song.

And last night there was another first. If you have been hanging out with me for a little while, you might know that I have been a yoga-holic for going on 6 years. Ever since I started to run, my practice has only improved. Along with the running came a fairly significant weight loss and general toning up. I have always had decent balance, but I think my center of gravity may have shifted because certain poses are becoming much easier for me. Such as toe stand, which I have suddenly been able to hold for several seconds when in the past I have had zero success.

Another mostly unsuccessful pose for me had always been Pincha Mayurasana or forearm balance. Tipping over after a few seconds is pretty much my MO. I can do any headstand variation you throw at me – including a scorpion headstand – but try a scorpion on my forearms? No freaking way.

I think scorpion pose is one of the most beautiful in all of yoga. I have often looked at pictures of it longingly, wondering if there would ever be a time when I could do that myself. At last night’s class the instructor gave us the option for any inversion that we want to try and I chose Pincha Mayurasana for the challenge. She suggested that people go to the wall for support, so as an afterthought I decided to try a supported scorpion.

I had only tried this once before and it was awhile ago and the results were pretty dismal.

I caught one toe against the wall for a split second and to my surprise, that was all I needed. Yoga class is not the kind of place people yell triumphantly if something goes their way, and it took everything in my power to not shout gleefully as I balanced on my forearms in my first unsupported scorpion pose ever. I felt like I looked awesome.

So obviously the first thing I would need to do when I got home was ask my husband to take a picture of it so I could see if I looked as awesome as I felt. I got near enough to the wall that I could use it if I needed to, but I didn’t. To my surprise, holding scorpion was a whole lot easier that a straight legged forearm stand. My legs acted as a counterbalance and I settled into a very comfortable place that I felt I could hold for a long time. I didn’t even fall out of it…just came out at my leisure.


You can see that my mouth is open here because I am asking my husband if I look cool. He thinks I’m a weirdo, but he confirmed that I did. 🙂

Do you yoga? What’s your favorite pose? (It’s pretty safe to say that this is mine right now!)

~ Salt


7 thoughts on “A week of firsts.

  1. Piper's Run says:

    That’s impressive, way to go!
    Me and yoga – well let’s just say I can do the basic poses 😉 I always feel amazing after I do a little yoga. I loved yoga when I was pregnant but can’t seem to find my groove with it anymore 😦

  2. shonnako says:

    Nicely done. I’m a fan of running and yoga and have kicked it up a notch over the past few months. Complete ditto on the shifting centre of gravity. Hence, my fave current poses are arm balances, head stands, hand stands and anything a little bananas. Agreement on scorpion pose. Gorgeous.

  3. Mara says:

    so cool! You are amazing girl!! Just spent the past half hour catching up on your life and I can’t believe how much I missed! You have a little one 🙂 And you’re a runner. So inspiring!! I hope you’re doing well dear blogger friend!! xox

  4. Change of Pace says:

    Wow- that pose looks beautiful! Amazing. I’m glad you had your husband take a photo!
    Congratulations on your PR and win, and your fast mile! This was a fantastic week for you!
    I attempt to do yoga! My favourite poses are all the ones that help open my hips.

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