Sunday, November 10: Are you running?

Sundays are usually a non-run day in my world. I take a vinyasa class on Sunday mornings, at least for now until I get further into marathon training and need more time to complete my long runs. Or I could always wake up at 3:30am every Saturday, but guess what? Hell to the no.

This Sunday will be an exception though…


BECAUSE IT’S WORLD RUN DAY!! And there is a local-to-my-house 5K that I was on the fence about signing up for. Now how could I resist?

World Run Day has been around for quite a long time. It was started in 1999 to promote good health, charity, and kindness towards others. You can register to receive a shirt in the mail and be added to the roster on their website or you can be like me; forgo the tee and just go for a run that day. I may be a little less official, but I doubt anyone will mind.

A favorite and most unexpected thing I discovered when I started running is the running community itself. Events like this drive the love I have for it home even more. Runners are just awesome people

So where will your feet be taking you this weekend?

~ Salt


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