Wednesday in a few words: Yoga {And my teeny yogini!}

I have been practicing yoga for almost 6 years now. I took my first class in 2008, hopeful that it would help to manage some anxiety issues that I was dealing with. Little did I know then that it would not only allow me to successfully ditch my anti-anxiety meds, but it would become something of a lifestyle choice. Sure it has done wonders for strength and flexibility, but it has made me a lot more mindful of how I approach the world as well.

As a runner, I have embraced yoga even more fully as my favorite way to cross train my body. I visit my local studio twice a week and occasionally do some at home on my own time as well and I can definitely tell a difference when I have missed a class. I credit yoga with my ability to bounce back quickly from longer distance runs. The idea of 90 minutes stretching in a hot room is a little more attractive to me than just 10 minutes in a bathtub full of ice.

Nothing else makes me feel quite so graceful and powerful. My brother, who is an amateur photographer, recently took some photos while I worked on a few poses.


I love arm balances, but this is my most favorite one.



You love my sweet 80’s legwarmers, yes?


Okay so my brother didn’t take that one…my coworker did. I was so excited after having just gotten my feet in kapotasana for the first time since my pregnancy that I asked her to take a picture. Office yoga rocks!

And just for fun here is a picture that someone in my aerial class took earlier this year when the instructor cancelled class without our knowledge. Rather than just going home, we decided to hang (haha) around and practice on our own. Aerial yoga is yoga using trapeze fabric. There are many awesome possibilities for inversions! I feel taller whenever I walk out of there. If you have the opportunity to try a class like this, DO IT!


It has always been my hope that my daughter might someday want to visit a yoga studio with me. No pressure or anything…I just think it would be such a great thing for us to share. So imagine my sheer joy when she demanded her mat (yes she has her own mat) be rolled out in the living room the other day and this happened with no coaxing from me whatsoever:


Look at that form!! Proud mommy, party of me. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday. In the spirit of this post, be kind and compassionate to one another today! (And everyday!)

~ Salt


11 thoughts on “Wednesday in a few words: Yoga {And my teeny yogini!}

  1. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    You know I love the leg warmers!

    I love that she’s following your lead – and what a great example that you’re setting for a healthy and balanced lifestyle and mind. I will have to agree with you I’d rather do 90 minutes in a hot sweaty room vs. sitting in a tub of ice any day!

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