20 months ago today…

…this little girl was born!


From that first moment that I saw her face at 4:15pm on March 5, 2012, my life has never been the same. We have had our ups and downs along the way for sure, but my biggest joy in life has been watching her grow and learn new things every day. It seems like just last week I was up every couple hours, feeding, burping, and changing this tiny person who depended on me for everything and then suddenly here we are this morning and she is out the door with a casual “See ya, Daddy!” as we headed off to daycare and work. In just 4 more short months she will be 2. I should probably start thinking about her birthday party.

She has a sassy, silly attitude and definitely overuses the word NO!, but she is also social, sweet, and so polite. Her vocabulary is booming with new words every day…I can’t even keep track of them all anymore. She’s a picky eater, but that’s okay. I figure we will get beyond it eventually and in the meantime we just eat a lot of chicken and peas.

Hey, at least she eats peas! Although now that I’ve just said that, she won’t want them later.

She loves books, Elmo, and Bubble Guppies. I carved her 2 pumpkins into the shape of Bubble Puppy for Halloween, not only because I knew she would love them, but also it was just so damn cute hearing her say “Hi, Bubble Puppy!” to them every time she went in the kitchen. She is obsessed with getting the mail so I got her her very own subscription to a zoo magazine as an early Christmas present. I can’t wait to see her face as soon as the first one comes.

Sometimes when we are playing she will stop for a second just to give me a big kiss or hug. It’s the best feeling in the world. She is always so smiley and excited to see me when I pick her up at the end of each day that sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve her. Hearing her little voice say “Mommy” has the power to defrost my heart anytime. I don’t think it will ever stop having that effect on me.


Happy 20 month un-birthday, Betty Alice. You’re my star.

~ Salt


3 thoughts on “20 months ago today…

  1. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    It’s hard to believe she’s been here that long already and grown so quickly. She’s so so cute and I enjoy ever video you post of her. I hate i don’t live closer, I’d love to be able to visit with you all. You are a great mom L! My love you and I know she does more than you’ll ever know! ox

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