My first #race is finished!

I’m officially a virtual runner!

A couple weeks ago I posted about how I was participating in a virtual half marathon. I had a week to complete the run and I chose this past Saturday as the big day. It was a great choice! The temps couldn’t have been better – nice and cool in the 50’s – and although I ended up having to run the vast majority of it in the pitch dark, I think it went pretty well.

fitsy bitsy

My alarm buzzed at 5:45am and I quickly threw on my gear and headed outside for a 6am start time. My husband works on Saturdays and I like to be home from my early morning runs by 8am to give myself time to shower before he has to leave. I figured a 2 hour window would be enough for me to get this done. I like to put a little pressure on myself apparently.

Because daylight savings time hadn’t kicked in yet, it was still a very starry night as I started out and I followed the constellation Orion up the first big hill that starts out my route. One of my favorite moments happened in the first mile. While I made my way through a still sleeping residential neighborhood I saw that I had my own little group of spectators: a family of deer that were hanging out by the side of the road. They didn’t even run away as I came by, but instead just stood there and watched me with curiosity. Maybe they were wondering what the crazy human was doing out there so early.

After my deer cheering section, the rest of the run was fairly uneventful. I felt good pretty much the entire time. The route was hillier and more challenging than the Baltimore Half, so while this was not a PR for me I am very pleased that I only came in 8 seconds slower than my best time. I am also very happy with my splits:

1    8:59.7
2    8:28.6
3    8:18.9
4    8:04.7
5    8:33.6
6    8:32.3
7    8:29.1
8    8:42.2
9    8:03.9
10    8:12.9
11    8:18.9
12    7:56.6
13    7:49.2
14    :41.0

I have the tendency to go out a little too hot and burn myself out. This is the first distance run I’ve completed where my first mile was the slowest and my last was the fastest, so I’m pretty proud of that. You can also see exactly where the steepest hills happened. Spoiler alert…miles 5 and 8. (There was also a big one at mile 11, but I had a good handle on that one apparently.)

When I got home, I was finally able to unwrap the cute finishers medal that I had received in the mail a couple weeks ago and I sent my time in to the website. Now I wait to see how everyone else did. I also got a neat certificate of completion:


Overall, I have to say that my first virtual race was a win for me. It was nice to have a goal to work toward, especially now that we are getting into cooler months and there will be less in the way of fun local race options. I’ll probably sign myself up for another one in January, though depending on what kind of weather we have here, I may need to run it inside.

13.1 miles on a treadmill? Ew.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend!

~ Salt


8 thoughts on “My first #race is finished!

    • txa1265 says:

      Kelly – they have clip-ons that supposedly work pretty well. I really need to buy myself a pair. I had a couple of days that were too icy last year and a couple of ‘near miss’ days that were slippery where I almost fell!

  1. txa1265 says:

    Congrats on a great race and great time – and doing negative splits the whole way through!

    There is something magical about coming upon a family of deer or other animals and having them just watch you as you run by … I love it when that happens!

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