Cool runnings.

And I don’t meant that early 90’s movie about the Jamaican bobsled team.

I was so excited to experience the much talked about phenomenon that is autumn running weather after the seemingly endless string of humid grossness we had here over the summer. Nature apparently had too many drinks this weekend though and we took a quick detour into December. When I woke up for my run on Saturday morning, it was rather brisk outside.


I was only planning on running 8 miles as my long this week anyway, so I waited as long as I could to leave the house in the hopes that if the sun started to rise a little, so would the temperature. It didn’t.

I had worn compression tights with my calf sleeves underneath, a long and short sleeved HeatGear shirt and one of my running jackets, plus two headbands to keep my ears warm so I mostly felt comfortable, but then I foolishly forgot my gloves, which would make things interesting later. I went out slow in my first mile, taking the time to get my lungs adjusted to sucking in the cold air. I still had some residual soreness from Thursday and at first didn’t know if I was going to be able to make it through this, but as I got toward the end of mile 2 I started loosening up as much as the mid-30’s would allow. After that…I guess I didn’t hate it. Breathing was definitely a bit of a challenge. There is a killer hill on this route and while I made it up in one piece, it was far off my best pace. Last time I ran that hill it was 30 degrees warmer! I made up for that elsewhere though and my finish time was about half a minute faster than the last time.

Remember like a paragraph ago when I said I forgot my gloves? As I crested “Killer Hill”, I went to dig in my belt for some Gu and found that I couldn’t convince my hands to unzip the pouch. It was like my finger joints were partially frozen, as was the Gu itself when I was finally able to struggle the packet out. It was nearly impossible to squeeze, but tasted really good all extra cold like that. Forget trying to get it back in the pouch when I was finished with it. I stuffed it in my pocket and turned it on for the last two miles, logging my best times for the day. My splits were all over the place, but I was just glad to have made it through considering how crappy I felt at the beginning.

So I guess this was like a free preview of what I’ll be dealing with over the next couple months. Ideal? Not in the least, but I think I’ll take chilly 30 degrees over wet, sticky 90 any day of the week.

Not gonna lie though…I am excited that the outlook for this Saturday morning won’t be quite as cold. I have a virtual half to run and will be up and at it well before the sunrise!

What are your favorite running temps? Do you mind the cold?

~ Salt


4 thoughts on “Cool runnings.

  1. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    I would think I’d do better in the cold, but after reading this, I’m not so sure. I hate hot, hot humid days but freezing fingers, hmmm. At least you got a preview and you’ll know what gear you need for your next chilly run!!!

    Here you are zipping away and I’m over here with my foot elevated because I crouched to put groceries away in the fridge and when I stood up my knee popped and now it’s swollen – why couldn’t I have been doing something epic like running or kick boxing. This is the most pathetic injury ever! Groceries!!! 😉

  2. txa1265 says:

    I wrote about ‘not following the plan’ this past weekend … I’m running a half and should have done a ‘short long run’ – but it was mid-40s, cloudy and just a perfect fall day. So I ended up doing 15.5, and also heading up the 1400+ ft steep hill that I love to challenge myself. It was glorious.

    On the other hand, Monday morning was *supposed* to be ~35 or so, but ended up being 24 degrees! Which is fine – except that I didn’t check and dressed for 36. Ugh.

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