A Halloween sneak peek…

I LOVE Halloween. It has been one of my favorite holidays for as long as I have memories. What’s not to love about playing dress up and collecting epic amounts of candy? I don’t know if the 80’s had little in store bought options or my usually very non-artistic mom was trying to flex her creative muscles, but she made most of my Halloween costumes and for someone as craft-challenged as she is they were all really great! She has definitely been the driving inspiration behind my desire to make my daughter’s costumes whenever I can.

For B’s first Halloween, her costume was store bought because I wanted something easy. She was 7 months old and I didn’t want to slave and stress over something that she was only going to wear for like an hour. The idea alone was creative enough.


The most magical little unicorn! Even more magical is the fact that she kept that thing on her head. That would never happen now.

This year we will be attending a few events and going trick or treating for real. She has recently learned to say “Trick or Treat!” and I could just keel over from the cute. So I wanted to make her a really cool costume. Judging by the skyrocketing attitude level she has been exhibiting lately, I’m about 99.9% certain this will be the last Halloween that I will have free reign to choose her outfit. Even if I asked her now I’m pretty sure she would tell me she wants to be Bubble Puppy. Sorry, kid. Maybe next year.

This year my little blondie is going to be the Morton Salt girl.

Her vintage yellow 2T dress was a steal on Ebay and when it arrived I instantly wondered how any toddler anywhere could have worn it unless they were 4 feet tall. The finishing touches I put on her costume last night included hemming the dress and I’ve never hemmed a damn thing in my life so I had absolutely zero clue what I was doing.

I found a child-sized purple umbrella on Amazon along with a pair of inexpensive yellow Mary Janes. Her feet then proceeded to have a growth spurt and the shoes no longer fit. Luckily we just got her a new pair of black Stride Rite Mary Janes the other day so those will work just fine.

The giant salt shaker was a DIY project. Using a regular sized Morton container as my guide, I redesigned the packaging in Illustrator and attached it to a large container of quick oats. Then I cut a hole in the lid and attached a thick white ribbon handle so it can double as a trick or treat pail. Sometimes my design job is very handy in my everyday life.


And here is the finished costume, minus a pair of white tights that I still need to pick up from Target:


Not too shabby!! Sitting in the middle of my living room watching American Horror Story and hemming my daughter’s dress last night and suddenly I felt so…mom like. It was a beautiful feeling. I hope that she will look back at photos of herself in this costume fondly and know how much love I put into the idea. She’s going to be the sweetest little salt girl EVER!

~ Salt (Not to be confused with Morton Salt.)


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