I’m wild about these pants.

My closet has evolved a lot since this past April. I love clothes and adding new things to my wardrobe when I can, such as every fabulous item of cat-related clothing that Target has been carrying recently. More specifically the most amazing pants of all time:


Yes those are cats. Flying though space. On my pants. I imagine that even someone who hates cats wouldn’t be able to say no to these pants. They are easily my daughter’s favorite thing in my closet. She likes to point at the cats, meow at them, and say “AWWWWWW! CUTE!” I would wear them every day if it were socially acceptable just because of her reaction to them.

But I digress. Recently there has been a sizable influx of racerbacks, compression gear, and tech shirts sprinkled amongst my favorite cat pants, jeans, and tops. I used to lust over handbags and now I’m finding myself lusting over running tights. It’s a weird priority shift, but one I am embracing nonetheless.

The cat pants are decent illustration of my sense of style and I like things that are offbeat and attention getting. So obviously as I’ve started to think forward to my upcoming 8K, I figure how could I go wrong with a bold, eye-catching animal print for my jaunt through the Maryland Zoo?

I’ve been looking forward to this race for months. We are zoo members and the Zoo Zoom is a 5-mile course around and through one of our favorite places. It is in late November and I suspect that most of the non-arctic animals will be hiding away where it’s warm, but the event still promises to be fun and challenging. There is also a 1-mile fun run that my husband and daughter will be participating in – her second race this year! She will be wearing her zebra print pants (obviously) and I’ve been on the hunt for something fun and funky for myself. That’s how I came across Running Funky and I think I’m in love.


Giraffes are my favorite and I can’t think of anything more perfect for a zoo race than a new pair of running tights in this pattern. They are a bit spendy though and money gets tight around Christmas especially now that I have a child, so I have a standby plan in place:


These are just regular leggings so there’s no compression, but the price is right and cheetahs are fast. Plus imagine how crazy they would look with my lime green calf sleeves.

Whichever way I decide to go, I’m sure I’ll fit right in with all the other animals on November 24th. 1 more month to prepare for it!

~ Salt


3 thoughts on “I’m wild about these pants.

  1. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    Way better than taping a cheetah to your back. 😉

    I love the cat tights – I didn’t see them at our Target but to be fair our Target is really lacking in cool stuff – hell they don’t even restock often enough. I can’t wait to see your race day gear!!!

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