A Beer Run: My first experience on a trail.

It’s time for A Beer Run. This is a little feature that I dreamed up for my blog where I will talk about my very worst running experiences. The runs that drive me to drink.

Unfortunately my first experience with a trail run scores a perfect 5 out of 5 on the Beer-O-Meter. Which is just great because if you recall, my very first marathon is ON A TRAIL. FOR 26.2 MILES INSTEAD OF ONLY 5.


I am more of a wine drinker myself, but “Beer-O-Meter” has such a nice ring to it. I did not drink 5 glasses of wine last night because I had to work today, but I definitely enjoyed more than one. Or two.

I was very excited to run on a trail. Not only is there is a great one close to my office, but as I mentioned above Bob Potts is on a rail trail. How cool and convenient that I would have similar terrain to train on so close to home! After my experience yesterday, however, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little freaked out about how I’m going to make it through that marathon.

Because I like to at least try to be a little optimistic about things, here are some aspects of my run that were GOOD. I had to think about this for like 10 minutes because really…there wasn’t a lot:

  • I had no worries about getting hit by cars and I didn’t have to stop for any traffic lights. This was pretty legit.
  • It was peaceful, if that’s your M.O.
  • There was a little stream to look at.
  • At one point there was an interesting bridge.
  • I saw some squirrels.
  • I passed some friendly people who were walking, running, and biking.
  • Some had cute dogs.

See how I’m grasping at straws here?

And now for the BAD:

  • It was unseasonably hot and humid. I had too many layers on. I had to take some short breaks because my breathing was all off.
  • I have never run on a trail before and the unfamiliar terrain felt awkward.
  • There were wet leaves all over the place and I was worried about slipping and breaking my neck.
  • When there weren’t people or cute dogs around, it was very solitary and more than a little creepy. A zombie or axe murderer could have come crashing through the forest and I wouldn’t have been surprised.
  • It was FLAT. I never realized how much I love hills until I was on that trail. This is awesome because my marathon is flat. /sarcasm
  • It was straight.
  • Basically it was boring as all hell. I’m just not into the whole peaceful thing. I figured out yesterday that I’m much more of an urban runner.

The whole thing was such a train wreck (haha it’s a rail trail…get it?) that I was in a terrible mood when I got back to my car. No runner’s high and no real sense of accomplishment besides being happy that I didn’t collapse in the woods and get eaten by a bear.

So what’s a girl supposed to do? I took to social media last night to ask local friends if they thought this trail was as boring as I did and found that some people supported my opinion. This made me feel a little better; at least it wasn’t just me.

I’m hoping that with practice, maybe some new trail running shoes, a little bit of crowd support, and what I hope is a more interesting route, I’ll be able to enjoy my first marathon. With less humid months ahead, maybe training for it will become a little more tolerable as well. Fingers crossed.

~ Salt


6 thoughts on “A Beer Run: My first experience on a trail.

  1. Jesse - Questionably Texan says:

    Rail trails are horribly boring to run on! You’ll sell yourself short if you think that all “trail running” is like that!
    I used to run on top of a levee, which while not a rail trail, is equally flat (although it did curve a little and wasn’t completely straight) I purposefully ran there for the mental training it provided, since it was so boring.

    • runsaltrun says:

      See I didn’t even think of this from a mental training standpoint. That’s a great idea and enough to make me want to get back out there and try the same route again. Boring be damned.

  2. hellyfast says:

    LOL at the little stream!! jajaja!! It’s funny b/c it’s the opposite here in AZ. The trails are hilly and the city is flat. The city is basically built like a grid and everything is straaaaaight and so boring.

  3. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    I hate that it wasn’t any fun – as you know, I know nada about running, but I love being outdoors. Although it’s hard to appreciate all that’s around if you’re trying to make sure you don’t fall in a ditch (i.e. – watching the road / trail at your feet vs. looking all around). I’m really loving reading all these posts!!! 🙂

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