Dammit Karen!!


Or don’t. I’d rather not talk about it. I think this week has been the hardest part of my whole training. Harder than my longest run, at least from a mental standpoint. For months I’ve had a great routine and now I’m supposed to take it easy. With the big day barreling toward me like an out of control Mack truck – maybe one carrying a big shipment of Gu and running shoes? – taking it easy gives me a lot of extra time to really psych myself out about it.

Running has become a wonderful stress reliever. When I run, I forget my problems for a few miles and come out the other side with a clearer head. I assure you that walking on a treadmill is not nearly as head-clearing.

I’ve also had extra time to obsess about the weather. The forecast for Saturday morning is looking…not so good.


This is the remains of some late season tropical storm that is supposedly just going to pop a squat over Charm City for a few days. Her name is Karen and I HATE HER.

I can deal with a little rain, but this is still not the way I wanted it to go. It was tough enough getting out of bed this morning with the dark, cold, nastiness outside and I don’t have to hang around in it for a few hours. Hopefully that the 50% chance up there means that it will at least stop or stick to a drizzle for as long as I need to get through 13.1 miles. If it doesn’t, it’s not like it will stop me. It just adds a whole new layer of unnecessary unpleasantness to the situation.

Please do a NO RAIN DANCE for me! I’ve got my bib number and am fired up for the expo tomorrow! And for the massage I have scheduled for 10am. Anything I can do to calm these pre-race jitters!

~ Salt


2 thoughts on “Dammit Karen!!

  1. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    I want to say on SNL wasn’t the character that everyone hated, that everyone thought was a B*TCH was named “Karen?” Or maybe I’m thinking of Dane Cook stand-up, either way Karen is a B*TCH! Good luck, and come rain or shine I know you’ll kill this half!!! ox

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