Dear Lauren, Congratulations! You’ve lost your damn mind.


Well, it looks like there’s no turning back for me now unless I want to flush that registration fee down the toilet.

May 25, 2014 will be my first full marathon and I’m experiencing a very wide range of emotions about it. For one thing, May is pretty far away so it kind of doesn’t feel real yet. On the other hand though…I wasn’t originally planning on running a marathon this spring. I was thinking more like 2015, but then a couple of my very persuasive friends made me start to believe I could actually pull it off. I have my doubts though. 13.1 miles is hard for me right now. How the hell am I supposed to double that?

And then I just have to remind myself that 6 months ago I started with a mile and now – in 9 days OMG – I’m running a half marathon. Sometimes I doubt myself, but the reality is that I’m getting stronger all the time. By May I will be ready. Plus there is a 6 hour time limit so even if I have to crawl, I’ll finish.

I think the most overwhelming emotion I have about all this is pride. I’m proud of what I have achieved so far. I’m proud that I have made the decision to do this.  When I cross that finish line, it will definitely be one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. (Nothing can ever beat my daughter in this department. Sorry, Bob Potts.)

I chose Bob Potts for several reasons. It’s a small, friendly, seemingly relaxed and low-pressure kind of race, and the course is touted as fast and flat. I don’t even really know what “fast and flat” feels like because we have no shortage of hills around here. I figure if I can do 13.1 rolling hill miles, I might have a decent shot at 26.2 flat ones.

Marathoners, I’m ready to join your ranks! But first I have a lot of work to do.

~ Salt


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