So much for my glorious fall running weather.



That big 70 on there is very deceiving. By mid-afternoon it’s supposed to be a nearly 90 degrees here. The beautiful high-60 and mid-70 degree midday temps we enjoyed last week were apparently all a big sham. This doesn’t affect me today because I’m cross-training and planned on being inside anyway, but my lunchtime 5 miler tomorrow might end up being a little warm for my liking. At least the humidity has backed off a bit.

In other news, I’ve officially gone insane. Two of my runner friends have talked me into signing up for a Spring ’14 marathon.

Now I’m trying to decide which one. I have a few possibilities picked out, but right now I’m leaning toward Bob Potts in York, PA on May 25th. It’s a small rail trail marathon, fast and flat (actually rated as such by and ranked Top 30 for the most Boston qualifications in 2011. Not that I’m trying to qualify for Boston right now or any time in the foreseeable future. I’m thinking anything flat and not crowded would be perfect for my first one though; once I have a less stress race under my belt, I’ll be ready to move on to a bigger one. If I can do it, next year I’ll take on 26.2 in Baltimore. 🙂

~ Salt


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