It’s October! And time for a little September recap…

September 2013 was the most physically active and athletically awesome month of MY. ENTIRE. LIFE.

I’m not even kidding. It’s not like a was a total couch potato before, but I have a long history extending back to elementary school of being generally terrible at any kind of sport and not receiving any kind of athletic recognition whatsoever outside of the badges I would receive for completing a level in figure skating and these ribbons they gave out to everyone on Field Day.

In September 2013, I…

  • Logged more than 128 miles. That may not be a lot for some, but it’s certainly a lot for me!
  • Achieved a personal best 10K time.
  • Won my very first medal in aforementioned 10K. I was the 2nd female finisher and 4th person to finish overall.

10K medal

  • Achieved a personal best 5K time.
  • I didn’t win any medals for aforementioned 5K, but I came close. I was 5th in my division (only 9 seconds out of 3rd place! grrrrrr!) and the 22nd woman to finish overall out of 1,527. I did get a cool medal for finishing though and it is WAY better than a Field Day ribbon.

ravens run

  • I fell in love with Brooks shoes.


  • I made it to 13.1 miles.

First Half

Can you tell I like purple things?

It’s going to be tough to beat you, September 2013, but I’m up for the challenge. This month I have 2 half marathons on the agenda (one of them is virtual) and a possible 5K. And with lots of Halloween candy is on the horizon, the outlook is delicious. Happy October everyone!

~ Salt


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