Sometimes I do other things besides run. Like dress up in a Renaissance costume and drink mead in the woods.

With an adorable fairy on my back.

ren fest 13

On Sundays, I recover. In the morning I go to yoga; either vinyasa or Bikram depending on how I am feeling that day. During my training I’ve been sticking mostly to vinyasa because Bikram has the tendency to make me anxious and extra anxiety is something I just don’t need right now. After class my days are wide open for fun with my family. My husband works pretty much all the time, but Sundays he always has off. One of our favorite things to do this time of year is go to the Renaissance Festival.

I have been going to the Maryland Ren Fest for years. Like seriously as long as I can remember. I was never one of the people that dressed up for it though. If I’m being honest, I thought those people were kind of intense and weird. Here I am at the same festival in 2010, wearing street clothes and hugging a giant, grumpy looking, wooden bear because there is nothing intense or weird about that at all.


The overwhelming desire to wear a Renaissance costume and the large tattoo on my arm are both recent developments. If this makes me nerdy, then I fully embrace it in the same way I would embrace a grumpy wooden bear. Ren Fest is arguably even more fun when you are dressed up. I do, however, draw a line at talking with a British accent while I’m there. Maybe if I had more drinks, which I am definitely not doing when I have my toddler with me.

Speaking of my toddler, she would wear those fairy wings every minute of the day if we would let her. I think she loves Ren Fest as much as we do. I know she loves the fact that she gets to eat ice cream and look at elephants when we are there. My favorite activities include throwing hand axes, which yesterday was not in the plans because I am still way sore from my epic wipe-out on Saturday morning. I’ll get another chance though in a couple weeks when we go back for one last time this year. I’ll have to remember to not fall down the day beforehand.

Do you have a Renaissance Festival near you? (If you do and have never been, I strongly encourage you to check it out!)

~ Salt


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I do other things besides run. Like dress up in a Renaissance costume and drink mead in the woods.

  1. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    I always thought I wouldn’t want to wear a costume to events like this… but something tells me, when I arrive at the Nashville Comic Con next week, I’m going to feel really foolish and naked next to all the rad costumes! I loved your costume and B’s is too freaking cute for words! I wish we had a serious Ren Fest here, ours is very, very small and there is no booze… meh!

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