All about the swag.

I know I haven’t been doing this very long, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already addicted to swag. The way I react when someone hands me a cool tech tee, you would think I didn’t actually pay for it myself when I registered for the race.

I had a similar type reaction today when the Baltimore Running Festival revealed their 2013 shirts. Up until now, my wardrobe has been woefully short on eye-searingly bright lime green options. Obviously when I saw these photos, I instantly reverted to a state of hyperactive 5 year old on Christmas morning.

tech shirt front


It’s so bright and happy and AWESOME!! I cannot wait to wear it!

But obviously I’m going to have to. As has quickly become my custom, I am not allowed to wear the shirt until after the race is done, so my husband will be waiting for me at the finish line where I can suit up in all my blinding lime green glory. If I wasn’t  going to finish this race before, I sure as hell am now that this shirt is on the line. The medal is pretty cool looking too. 🙂

~ Salt

*Images courtesy of Baltimore Running Festival


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