An “anatomical nightmare” and a 7 letter word no runner wants to hear.

I saw a another specialist yesterday who came highly recommended by one of my friends and I’m sure everyone will be very un-shocked to learn that I received a different diagnosis.


I’m not even surprised by this anymore. It’s just par for the course.

As much as I don’t like this guy, I couldn’t not like this guy. When I walked into his office, the waiting room was decorated with posters from the Baltimore Running Festival and the Boston Marathon. Everyone there was nice. HE was nice. He just told me some things that I really didn’t want to hear.

The long and short of it is that my pain is continuing because my deep peroneal nerve is entrapped. Another term for this is “tarsal tunnel syndrome”. He thinks the best course of action to relieve my pain entirely is something that no runner ever wants to hear.


Well actually he said “SURGERY”, but that’s basically the same thing.

The procedure is similar to the one used to fix carpal tunnel so it’s only minimally invasive and then obviously I wouldn’t be able to run for a couple weeks afterward. And then I would probably have to do physical therapy. I don’t know. By that point I was internally screaming so loudly that I couldn’t even hear him talking.

I am not okay with this information. I’m even more not okay with the fact that the neurologist I’ve been referred to is conveniently on vacation starting next week so aforementioned surgery would probably take close to a month to schedule. He told me I’m allowed to run as long as I can tolerate it, but yeah. “Tolerating” my runs sure sounds like a fun time.

We rounded out the appointment with this doctor congratulating me on my running because – in his words – I am “an anatomical nightmare” and I should not be able to do what I’m doing.



It was the weirdest backhanded compliment I’ve ever received.

I cried as I left the office and then I sat in my car for a half hour digging desperately around online for peroneal nerve entrapment treatments that don’t involve surgery. I found that in addition to making some small changes – ie: no more sandals…I’m currently rocking a pair of my most cushiony running shoes with my work attire and if anyone says anything to me about it they can kindly shove off – sometimes these things can resolve spontaneously.

Not that I’m really expecting that to happen seeing as I’ve now been dealing with this for more than a month, but it’s certainly a nice thought.

So where do I go from here? Who the hell knows. I have an appointment with my chiropractor today and even though he got it wrong the first time at least now I can go in there with this diagnosis and ask him his thoughts on how I can avoid surgery. And then I guess I wait for the nerve guy to call? And in the meantime just do what I can?

It’s a good thing that I have Betty because otherwise life pretty much sucks right now.

Any happy thoughts for my nerve would be greatly appreciated. <3

Has anyone else dealt with something like this? Any suggestions for me?

Cutting off my toe is seeming like a more attractive option every day.



Burger Time! {WIAW}

Remember that video game? You were a chef and you had to climb ladders and knock down the ingredients to make these burgers while being chased by evil little hot dogs, eggs, and pickles.


I miss the 1980′s.

Every Tuesday night that Mr. Salt isn’t working we all head up to one of our favorite local restaurants for burger time. Not the video game. They have discounted burgers on Tuesdays.


I’ve literally stopped ordering burgers from anyplace else besides Kooper’s because every time I do, I’m disappointed. There is just no competition. And they don’t just have awesome burgers either; their whole menu rocks. Read this and prepare to be hungry.

Anyway, back to burger time. The menu consists of a BYOB section which means Build-Your-Own-Burger (you don’t have to bring-your-own-beer…or wine either THANK GOODNESS). I’m one of those people that can eat the same thing over and over again once I find something I like so the waitstaff could probably just put my order in as soon as they see me arrive. My combination rarely varies. Here we have my dinner deconstructed:


You and I both know that I am not a food photographer, but I think this picture looks pretty damn delicious.

It is a free-range turkey burger covered in jalapeños because I like spicy things. Then there is some feta cheese, chipotle sauce because I like spicy things, and then some other random onion, tomato, and lettuce that I don’t bother putting on there because I like to keep my burgers and my salad separate. I appreciate that they always serve their burgers with those things on the side.

Oh and there’s a pickle. Their pickles are amazing and I usually order extras.

Here is the burger constructed before I started shoving it into my face. Cameo appearances by Betty’s crayons and chocolate milk.


I have always been a turkey burger fan and would occasionally order one if I was out someplace that had them on the menu, but ever since Kooper’s opened I find myself CRAVING these burgers. I’m starting to think they are laced with something addictive.

Do you love burgers? What are your favorite toppings? Do you like to mix it up? Do you love jalapeños?

I hope everyone has a tasty Wednesday!



I am in no way affiliated with Kooper’s. I just really like their food. All delicious opinions expressed in this post are my own!

Pins & needles

I’m getting to the point of complete desperation and I am willing to try whatever legal methods I can to speed along my recovery.


Luckily I purchased a living social deal a couple months ago for acupuncture that included a consult and two sessions. It was a steal. It was for a community acupuncture place and in case you don’t know how that differs from a regular acupuncture place I’ll tell you:

Community acupuncture is a movement started by POCA (People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture) that aims to make acupuncture treatments for financially accessible to people. Treatments are offered on a non-income based sliding scale…typically anywhere from $20 or $40 depending on what works for you and $40 is still MUCH less expensive than what I’ve paid anywhere else. The catch is that you are treated in a room with other people. This sounded fine to me; I’ve already gotten poked with needles in a room with other people at tattoo studios and blood drives. This would be way more relaxing and therapeutic than that, plus my problem areas are my leg and foot so no removal of clothing would be required.

I picked a B-free morning when I could go get my consultation and have my first appointment. When I arrived at Acupuncture for All – a clean, pleasant establishment just outside of Baltimore – I was the only one there. The acupuncturist came out of the back and my jaw almost hit the floor. I KNEW HIM! He is a good friend of someone that I used to date and I hadn’t seen him for like 7 years. The consultation was a little bit talking about my problems and then a little bit catching up and showing off pictures of Betty. Talk about a small world.

Anyway we started the session and that brings me to another really cool point about community acupuncture: in a non-community appointment you are in a room for a set amount of time before the acupuncturist comes back to take the needles out (my appointments were always in the 20 minute range). Here, I could hang out for much longer. And I did. I had needles placed in my hands, forearms, feet, calves, and earlobes and then was left to just zone out. I must have fallen asleep for awhile because the next time I looked at the clock it was an hour and a half later, I was totally confused as to where I was, and three more people were in the room with me.

All my give-a-damns were busted. Someone could have told me my house was on fire and I probably would have been like


Okay maybe they weren’t THAT busted, but I was SO relaxed. It was awesome.

Going for that one treatment did seem to help somewhat. My leg and big toe feel better. The remaining problem right now is with my second toe which is currently KT-taped to my third toe. I’m so over this. My body and my mind both want to run so badly and this one stupid toe is not cooperating. I hate it and I’m starting to think about having the damn thing cut off.

Hahahaha yeeeeah I’m not entirely kidding.

I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow and fingers crossed for a more pleasant solution that will hopefully work fast because I’m supposed to run a 12 miler in a little over 2 weeks. Obviously there is no way I’ll be racing that, but I want to finish and get the medal. It’s the last installment in the B3 race series that I have been so excited about all year. (I ran the 5K in March and the 10K in April.)


Have you ever been to acupuncture? What did you think of it? Did it help you?
(This was not my first go-around with acupuncture. It has helped me in the past with several other conditions! I LOVE it and highly recommend it!)