Tangled. {Not Disney related…a Cordskinz review & giveaway!}

I am a music runner. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t have anything to listen to while I’m out there (except for maybe if it were a really, really long run), but I definitely prefer it. Music motivates me and can quiet my mind if I’m in a tough spot. I run with my phone and a pair of Yurbuds which are much better than the old pair of iPhone ear buds that I used to use that never wanted to stay in my ears.

Aside from the whole staying put in my head factor, another feature of Yurbuds is that the cords are supposedly anti-tangle. This was a huge selling point for me because I am known to carelessly toss everything into my gym bag when I’m running out of the house and would then end up wasting a good 10 minutes trying to untangle the iPhone ear bud wires. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Yurbuds and I think they are great, but although the are definitely more tangle-free than my old headphones, I occasionally have issues with them.


They were hopelessly tangled when I was trying to get all geared up for my long run on the trail the other weekend and I got so frustrated that I threw them across my car and then had to waste even more time trying to dig them out from under the seat. Then I remembered…rather than go through all this again, why not put the CordSkinz that were so generously sent to me to try out to good use?



Honestly I felt a little Intimidated by them at first. Because CordSkinz are custom fit, they come with a stripping tool that you use to fit the skin around your headphone wire. The package says “simple to use”, but I was still skeptical. As crafty as I can be sometimes I am generally terrible at using tools, putting things together or following instructions and expected that this would end up as some kind of disaster.


This ended up not being the case. Installing my CordSkinz was a breeze. I had both sides fitted and trimmed within a few minutes. But would these really make a difference?

Actually yeah they do. I rolled my wires up the way I usually do which always causes them to become  knotted up in my gym bag. I could shake them out with one hand. No tangles! Pretty cool!

no tangles


The other concern I had was that these would add an extra, unpleasant amount of weight on to my headphones. I really couldn’t tell a difference and then after wearing them on the elliptical at the gym (because that’s what I’m doing during Week 15 of marathon training instead of running…AWESOME) I’ve decided I’m a fan because it keeps the wires from bouncing obnoxiously around.


I’m happy with my CordSkinz. I would also be happy to give one of you a pair.


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This giveaway runs from right now until next Tuesday at midnight. Good luck to everyone that enters!

Do you run with music? What kind of headphones do you have?



I was provided with a set of CordSkinz to review and one to give away. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

NJ Marathon Training Week 14 Recap

I’m hoping it’s uphill from here.

Week 14 Grade: C. Mostly from a health perspective.

Thank goodness this week was a step back in mileage. I already planned on going a little easier and not forcing any of my workouts due to the pain in my shoulder. I never would have guessed that my shoulder would be the least of my worries.

Monday, March 23: My legs were incredibly stiff following 20 miler #1 on Sunday. I was going to take a total rest day, but instead I went to the gym on my lunch break and got on the elliptical for 20 minutes to get my legs moving.  It helped.

Tuesday, March 24: 5 miles on the treadmill @ 8:16 pace which was much better than I thought I’d be capable of. In the evening my lower back was screaming so I went to yoga and only made it through about a half hour before calling it quits.

All these DNFs are starting to get to me.

Anyway, I rolled up my mat and headed home…and was just turning onto my street when I realized that I didn’t have my wedding rings on. Oh. No.

I pulled over and called Mr. Salt…

EXACTLY like this except I was in my car and not a phone booth.

It was EXACTLY like this except I was in my car and not a phone booth.

…and headed back to the gym. Me and my tear-stained face had to re-interrupt the yoga class that I had just interrupted by leaving shortly before which was pretty humiliating. Luckily everyone was wonderful and willing to help me look.

Long story short: we found them on the floor near the front door. I usually take my rings off when I go to yoga, but never, ever again.

Wednesday, March 25: I was supposed to run 8 miles, but I was so slow moving  when my alarm went off that I didn’t have enough time to get them all in. I did manage 7 at 8:48 pace. This is the day when things started to get bad.

My FACE hurt. I still have my wisdom teeth and I knew that they had to be the culprit. Occasionally I feel a little pressure from them, but nothing ever like this. It was so painful that I had a hard time concentrating during the day. Eating was almost unbearable.  I went to happy hour with my coworkers after work and was so miserable the entire time. I knew if things weren’t better tomorrow I’d be calling my dentist.

Thursday, March 26:  I was supposed to run 5 miles, but I decided to take a rest day. My shoulder and low back were aching when I woke up and my jaw was killing me.

But then it was 60 degrees outside. The sun was shining. I couldn’t waste the chance to run in shorts for the first time this year. I packed a bag and mapped a route around my office. I would take it slow. Everything would be fine. WRONG. I got a mile and a half in before my body completely shut down. My lower back/right hip was in so much pain that I could barely walk. If I weren’t so damn stubborn I would have called my coworker to come get me, but instead I hobbled painfully back to the office, so angry at myself for forcing this workout when I should have been resting.

On the way home from work that day I called and set up a date with my dentist for the next morning.

Friday, March 27: Rest day that would have been a rest day even if it were supposed to be a workout day. I was already pretty sure that I’d be missing my long run this weekend too. I went in to work for a couple hours and then to my appointment.

I hate the dentist. Now don’t get me wrong. Dr. N is actually really awesome and I think his office might be the nicest on the whole planet (we’re talking massage exam chairs, aromatherapy, and dvds playing on the ceiling while you get your teeth worked on). I’ve just had this weird fear of the dentist for as long as I can remember. I know I should have gotten these teeth out about 15 years ago, but kept putting it off and putting it off and now I was paying the price. My bottom left wisdom tooth is infected and Dr. N told me kindly that it was time to get them all removed and gave me a prescription and a referral to an oral surgeon whom I am supposed to contact and set up an appointment with on April 27.

See what I did there? New Jersey is on April 26. Dr. N told me that once we got past this infection, that I should be okay until after the marathon.

Also on Friday, I got re-familiarized with this thing:


I totally forgot I had it! After my appointment I spent a good bit of time stick-rolling my lower back and then many times throughout the weekend as well.. I hope my coworkers won’t think I’m weird when I bring it to the office.

Saturday, March 28: Plan said 12 miles. I went to the gym with no agenda. When I woke up I was actually feeling a little better (and finally not sweaty after a week of waking up completely drenched…thanks wisdom tooth!) After stretching a bit, I hopped on a treadmill to see how some easy miles would feel and ended up getting in 8 (9:07 pace).

Dancing counts as cross training, yes? Because Saturday afternoon I went to a wedding. A couple glasses of wine and you can’t keep me off a dance floor.

Note: I am NOT a good dancer, but also after a couple glasses of wine I don’t care. 

Sunday, March 29: Cross training day, but I had other plans. Knocked out the last 4 miles of my split long run (7:58 pace), more stretching, more stick rolling and then a really great nap in the afternoon. I think the antibiotics make me really tired, but overall I am feeling relief and wondering if the tooth has been affecting my shoulders. I’m pretty sure my lower back pain is due to overcompensating for my upper body pain.

I’m just a mess.

So here we are at my last really long run week and I’m nervous. I have 20 miles on the menu for Easter Sunday and will be focusing on stretching and taking it very easy any time I run between now and then. I looked at my training app yesterday and was shocked to see that I’m under 30 days out now.

My goals for this race have been altered, but one thing remains the same. I just want to go out there and have fun and hopefully have a shiny new medal around my neck at the end.

How do you feel about the dentist? Have you ever had to alter your race goals?

I hope everyone had a happy weekend. :)



Salty Bones {Wednesday in a Few Words}

Hey everybody! I’m a skeleton!


I’ve never been given a copy of my x-rays after a doctor visit before! Obviously the first thing I should do is post them on the Internet. Right?

Anyway, I’m fascinated by this kind of thing. This all looks fine apparently. Next step is a (yet unscheduled) MRI because whatever my problem is is soft-tissue related. I knew that already so getting an x-ray was kind of pointless, but I guess it’s nice to know that my arm is still attached to my body and that I still have bones and everything.

Thank you to everyone for the supportive comments that you’ve been leaving on my blog! I’m still feeling very, very sore, but I dare say better than last week. This week there has been some treadmilling, some cutting down of training plan daily mileage, some taking it easy and NO CROSS TRAINING unless you count gentle stretching. I miss yoga, barre, spin, and getting crazy on a surfboard, but I just can’t right now. Child’s pose is my BFF.

Also I’ve been picked to do a couple of book reviews. The first one?


Perfect timing. I need all the help I can get.

Have you ever gotten any take-home x-rays? What were they of? Have you read this book before? 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!