VITA Baltimore Grand Opening!

From the VITA website:

Vita\v(i)-ta\ pronounced VEE-tah. It is of Latin origin, and means “the happy life.” The ultimate in perfection. An amazing mother, beautiful, intelligent, sexy and fun person that you can’t help but want to be around all the time.

I like that! And when I received an email inviting me to the grand opening of VITA, a stylish new store for women by Charm City Run, I couldn’t have been more excited. First of all, it’s Charm City Run. Which is the store that I probably spend the most money in every year besides Target. Then…of all…the style they promote is exactly what I wish I could wear every day: Fun, fashion forward pieces that are comfortable, but still super cute.

I was one of the first people there and my plan was to only stop by for a few minutes because on Thursdays I have Betty and bedtime stories rule all on those nights. My first impression upon entering the store was a very good one. Their space is fabulous. And the clothes. Just give me one of everything please.


The welcome was very warm. They have the nicest sales staff which was not at all surprising to me because everyone I’ve ever encountered at Charm City Run is awesome. I did not originally intend to purchase anything, but as soon as I started browsing I knew my wallet was in major trouble. I picked up two pairs of pants to try on (both unfortunately a little too big, but one of them was so awesome that I almost bought them anyway) and this dress that was so fantastic on the hanger that I crossed my fingers it would look nearly as good once I got it on my body.


I. LOVE. THIS. DRESS. SO comfortable, but still pretty, fun and extremely flattering, which is pretty much the standard for all the clothes they carry.

Another cool thing: Charm City Run’s great rewards program crosses over to VITA as well so the purchases I make at either store go straight to my account. All the more reason to buy more clothes and shoes because obviously I always need new shoes.

If you live near me or find yourself in the Baltimore area for any reason it’s definitely worth it to stop in and check it out!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’ve been taking a bit of a break from blogging and social media lately (as you might have noticed…or not…), but I’m still around!



“The human torch was denied a bank loan…”


Time to start practicing my regional dialect because guess what, “hon”?

I’m going to be on live TV tomorrow morning. LIVE. TV. As in no do-overs. I promise not to call anyone “hon”, I do wish I had a teleprompter.

About a month ago I was nervous out of my mind because I had to do a taped Kickstarter video where I could make as many mistakes as I wanted and they could edit out all of my awkwardness. Even with all the editing there was still SO much awkward; watching myself makes me cringe a little bit. Now I’ve agreed to speak to someone on live television where there will be no editing.

I have no idea WTF I was thinking.

Over the next less-than-24-hours I will be trying to prepare for a segment that should last no longer than 3 or 4 minutes, but I’m sure it will feel like a decade. Without giving away too many details I am going to be talking about a food product and recipes that I feel very comfortable endorsing, but even that is not doing a lot to calm my nerves. I feel like I have gawky conversations all day long with people when there’s not a camera pointed at my face. This could be a recipe for disaster.

Or it might be awesome. Let’s just hope it’s awesome.

I’ll have a link to share after the whole thing is through and if it all works out maybe I’ll post it. If not it will be stored into the archive of embarrassing moments from my life never to be spoken of again like that time a pair of my underwear flew across the room at yoga class because it was stuck to my mat towel.


Have you ever been on television? Any pointers you can pass along? And even more importantly…how many times have YOU seen Anchorman!? It has to be upwards of 200 times for me.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



Summer running…had me a blast! Just kidding. It was horrible.


The closest thing to accurate about that gif is the head wiping. This weekend was BRUTAL in Charm City. 90+ degrees with heat indexes over 100. I knew it would be and yet I still decided I was going to go for my first longer outside run in awhile on Saturday morning.

The plan was to go 9 miles; I had it mapped out and everything. Let me just tell you that it took all of about 2 miles for me to realize that there would be no 9 miles. Even at 8am the humidity was out of control and sweat was literally dripping off my clothes.


Hahaha. Yes.

So 8 miles. I could do 8 miles. I knew exactly where on the route I could cut corners to knock off that extra mile.

I got to 4 when it then it became a matter of getting to the closest convenience store because I was already SO DEHYDRATED. It was there that I shut down my watch, got some water from a kind lady who look petrified that I might just drop dead right there at the counter, and took a nice long break. I only made it 5 miles into my run and it was the smart thing to do. As soon as the gloriously cold water went down my throat it popped right back out on my skin. It was the coldest sweat I ever remember having in my life.

After about 10 minutes of milling around the parking lot of the store and probably looking extra creepy, I decided to be on my way. I was still a little more than 3 miles from my house if I finished out the route that I had planned and I managed to make it all the way back fairly easily thanks to the water break. That run though?

Overall not cool.

So I know this has been a topic that has been done to death already, but just a few things to remember about running in the heat. Especially now that many of us are into the most terrible heat of the summer, ie: that which drove me inside to the treadmill yesterday because I was not about to have a repeat of Saturday:

1) Give yourself time to get acclimated.

Which is something I did not do. I am a self-proclaimed treadmill lover and have been spending a lot of time running in the nice, temperature controlled gym this summer. I should have worked up to that 8 mile a lot more steadily than I did.

2) Hydrate, YOU FOOL!

And by “you fool” I mean me, although it is important for all of us to remember that in the hottest of the hot days  of the summer we should  be upping our water consumption. Even if we think we might not need water on our run…we might need water on our run. And again by “we” I mean “me”. I should never have left that water bottle sitting on the counter.

3) Take it Easy.


Here’s a handy chart. I loved this chart for winter and was pleased to see that they have one for summer too. Let’s just say that according to my watch I was not paying one bit of attention to any of this on Saturday morning.


It’s like I had somewhere to be or something, which in reality I did not. I probably would have been able to complete 9 miles—or even not split up my 8—had I dialed back my pace.

And of course I don’t think any of us really need this particular reminder, but wear as little clothing as you can comfortably (or legally) go out in public in.

All this stuff is basic knowledge, but just like with pretty much everything else in my life I need to learn to take my own good advice. I’m hoping that by writing these out it will help keep me accountable for next time. :)

How are you dealing with running in the summer heat? Any additional tips to share?

I hope everyone had a great weekend and STAY COOL out there! It’s going to be another hot one today!