It’s Plunge Week!

With all the snow last weekend I almost completely forgot. This Saturday is the Maryland State Police Polar Bear Plunge!


Thank goodness it wasn’t last Saturday because I’m positive it would have been called off. For those of you who may not be familiar with what a Polar Bear Plunge is, I will explain:

It’s basically a huge ice bath. I know we are all familiar with those.
Or the Ice Bucket Challenge x 1 billion. 

I’ve plunged once in the past and it looked like this:


This was in 2010. Yes it is snowing and yes I am dressed like a giant bee for reasons that I cannot remember. Also I was absolutely as cold as I look.

So why do I want to do something like this again even though last year I specifically said that I was never going to do it again? First of all, I have a terrible memory. Secondly it’s for an excellent cause. A bunch of crazy people have been diving into the Bay for the past 20 years to raise money for the Special Olympics of Maryland. I considered plunging last year too, but instead decided to participate in the sister event, a 5K called Freeze Your Buns, which ended up being colder and more awful than taking an icy dip in a ridiculous outfit.

It just so happens that Freeze Your Buns was supposed to be last weekend and obviously was postponed along with my run club’s 8 miler that I was supposed to volunteer for. Damn Jonas messing up all the race plans. 

Third of all…FRIENDS! The Plunge is like a great big beach party minus the warm sunny weather and instead of sand we will be slogging through 2 feet of snow. (Unless they’ve cleared the beach which I suspect they have not.) Lots of people even hop in the Bay in their swimsuits which I will be doing this year since I can’t locate my bee costume. We have rented a bus to take us down there as it is about a 45 minute trek from where we live and it will be full of healthy snacks and drinks.

Okay fine…taco dip and beers. It’s going to be my rest day so I do what I want.

I’m sure I’ll have tons of hilarious photos to share when Monday rolls around.

Have you ever done a Polar Bear Plunge? Would you?




Yeah. I ran in that.

So Mid-Atlantic friends…how’d you do this weekend?


If Jonas were a cartoon, I imagine he would look like this.

It was unreal over here. Just before it started we were forecasted for 2 feet and ended up with about 30″ at my house. Looking outside at my little red car as it became more and more overwhelmed by snow was a little depressing. I tried to clean it off several times on Saturday and as I’m sure you can imagine that was mostly pointless.


You can see my beer getting buried in the front left of this picture.

The problem with this much snow and living in an apartment is that there’s not really anywhere to pile it up without being a real jerk and further blocking in a neighbor’s car.

In addition to a bunch of fruitless shoveling I did everything I said I was going to do in my post on Friday; although sledding was impossible after Friday night because we just sank into the snow.  Yes, I even ran during the blizzard.

Things started off well enough. It was a bit blustery when I turned out of my parking lot, but by the time I got to the top of the hill, I was really pumped up and singing to myself. This was fun!

I only intended to do a mile and then see how I felt after that. My watch beeped and things were going great; I was sailing down the other side of the hill in the middle of the street because obviously there weren’t any cars out on the road. Our government was very specific about everyone staying in their houses. #crazyrunners

Another half mile in and things began to get a little troublesome. The wind was REALLY bad at the base of the hill and snow was blowing directly into my face with a force that was more than little bit painful. I had to stop and turn my back to it a couple times. I started to wonder if this had been such a good idea.


I posted this in jest the other day, but it felt exactly like this.

Getting lost and disoriented had seemed like such a far-fetched concept and although I knew where I was at that moment, I could now see why people get lost in blizzards. I wished I had stayed closer to my house.

BUT. I had to get home somehow so I kept going. I ran past a lady who was trying to shovel her front walk and she yelled out, “NOW THAT’S DEDICATION!” Or insanity. Whatever.

My watch beeped mile 2, I saved my run and walk-stumbled the rest of the way back to my house.


I think I got my crazy points for the day and also achieved frozen eyelashes (and frozen rest of my face) for the first time ever!IMG_6033

Yesterday my gym was closed and it was much nicer outside – sunshine and 20 MPH wind gusts as opposed to 60 – so I went for another, longer run to check out how the roads had been treated so far.


I had on all the pairs of socks.



Not as bad as I thought (although there is supposed to be a street in that photo at the bottom right). I managed to find 5 miles of road that had been plowed enough for me to run in the middle of. I’m sure we won’t have sidewalks until June.

For the rest of the day I shoveled and managed to get my car out. Today I’m at work and I can barely lift my arms. I guess I can skip BodyPump this week.

Were you affected by Jonas this weekend? How did it go? Did you shovel a lot? Are you still trapped in your house? Did you get a chance to go for a run in it? 

I hope everyone had a safe, happy, warm weekend!




An epic of blizzard proportions. {The Friday Five}

I’m linking back up with the DC gals, Mar, Courtney and Cynthia this week and this time I am NOT going to get caught using the wrong badge. DC-Trifecta-Friday-Five-linkup

Today’s topic is a Friday Free-For-All. With the impending doom that is about to strike at some point between the hours of 4 and 7pm, I figured the best possible topic would be “What I’m going to do this weekend whilst trapped inside my house”. For those of you who don’t live near me and have been paying attention to the national weather forecast this week, I’m located in that hot (cold?) zone of potentially 2 feet of snow from this evening until tomorrow night.


5 Weekend Plans: Snowed In Edition. 

I might actually try to run.

I’ve been really motivated this week so Saturday could be my rest day if I wanted, but part of me is itching to go for a short run in the middle of the madness just to say I did it.


They are anticipating white out conditions and have warned that I could become disoriented and lost right outside my house. However the idea of getting lost in my own parking lot seems a little preposterous and I doubt they will have to send a search party out for me if I do a few laps.

I bought Betty a new sled!

Actually I bought Betty her FIRST sled. She’s almost 4 and has never been properly sledding before. I know. I’m a terrible parent.


Our first sledding excursion may have to wait until Sunday – you know…because I’m not trying to get us lost right outside our house – but I suspect she will love it and never want to come back inside.

Ugh. Shoveling.

Hopefully I won’t have a similar experience to this guy, but I do know that there is a whole lot of shoveling in my future.


Seriously I hope he was okay after that.

I will have two cars to dig out and no snowblower. The upside to this is that it’s excellent exercise. And you better believe I will be putting chairs out because if anyone tries to take the spots that I spend hours clearing I will have lives to ruin.

I will play so much pretend that I may forget who I am by Monday.


I will be a Care Bear. A My Little Pony. Multiple princesses. An ice cream vendor. Possibly characters from The Chipmunks movie. It will be fun, exciting, and more exhausting than a typical day at my job. We are getting very few and far between with naps and this weekend I will pray for them because I’m going to need one too.

And let’s not beat around the bush…


That’s even more hilarious and accurate as it’s quite possible that I will be drinking a martini dressed as Cinderella at some point. Blizzard + full moon + Betty + cabin fever = potential recipe for disaster. God I hope we don’t lose power. Thank goodness I went wine shopping last night.

I was NOT the only person at the liquor store checking out with multiple bottles either. They must be making a killing right now.

Are you going to be affected by the winter blast this weekend? How much snow are you supposed to get? How do you deal with long days trapped indoors?

Happy weekend, everyone! Stay safe out there if Jonas is coming your way!